Moonlight Falls

A touch of moonlight falls casting shadows on empty walls Determined and strong she searches for a place to belong and wanders down empty halls Perplexed by the unfamiliar drawls she stumbles as momentum stalls pursuing a plan that might be wrong Moonlight falls A kiss of frost as memories recall promises made for the long haul Relentless ambition her torch song She was nothing … Continue reading Moonlight Falls


He sits on his appointed throne, throwing bones on the fire He knows no cold, no discomfort Sits back to watch the flames grow and cast shadows on neighboring walls Just beyond his darkness, children shiver Safe within crumbling cornerstones, traces of forgotten obligations ignite There is no remorse, no contrition as he slips unseen to watch the blaze envelop and create chaos in sanctified … Continue reading Indifference


Protected in his crystal palace he inspects the world around him A self-appointed King his pleasure is borne on the backs of his subjects Resolute in their mission minions set to work diligently, earnestly for a job that brings its own reward Entertained by chaos created by unattainable rules proclaimed in his name the king had no shame witnessing the suffering Still, peasants labored finding … Continue reading Karma