On this spectacular day so stunning in its beauty it takes your breath away I heard the news Such announcements should arrive on the edge of storm clouds Dark and angry Throwing daggers of electricity at a dark night With howling winds cursing the skies And crashing rolls of thunder calling his name The air should be heavy with sorrow Concealing the sun that should … Continue reading Ray

On Loss, Again

Sometimes below the tears that fall gently like the summer rain resolve falters and that brave front weighs too heavy Somehow among the rack and ruin you find the courage to fall into the unknown and release the desperation Grief is like that States of emergency muddled with stress and too many decisions disappear or at least rearrange and those hands that you’ve clenched and … Continue reading On Loss, Again

Butterfly Tears

Your loss weighs heavy like a cloth dampened by a thousand tears imprisoning your shattered soul in a prison of endless grief And I, helpless and confined, desperately seek a way to write a different ending But when reality suffocates hope and that which is done cannot be undone I put away my pen and push away the paper for sometimes words, even in their … Continue reading Butterfly Tears


Emerging from the depths of endless mourning she whispered a quiet prayer Imploring the universe, all at once cruel and somehow comforting, to guide her in this unfamiliar place to heal her forever fractured heart to find peace, bittersweet peace one step at a time photo: Pixabay prompt: MadVerse 637 Continue reading Solitude

Sorrow’s Touch

Sorrow’s touch surprises in unexpected ways in unexpected places When the theft of happier days steers the course of a life, the journey twists, unique in its unfolding Sometimes for the very lucky that hollow loss makes room for healing if expectations are released Even when a lone wolf howls, haunting and mournful from the top of the coldest mountain, a chorus of voices readily … Continue reading Sorrow’s Touch


Like vignettes from a horror movie permanently on replay the images flash across the screen once, twice, now almost daily The debate among pundits continues two steps forward and one step back spinning wheels creating trails of blue and red smoke The tears of yet another family fall too many names carved on a growing list Each someone’s Everything as we sit by helplessly Hearts … Continue reading Madness


I hear your voice phantom whispering in the night holds the darkness, chases the light Keeps me locked in this prison of grief I track lonely hours weary minutes that are infinite scrapes my soul, steals relief Keeps me tangled in this web of misery I feel the emptiness powerful entity that supersedes life itself orchestrates leaden hands, directs empty intentions Keeps me submerged in this … Continue reading Beloved

A Muted Life

Echoes from a life whisper in the quiet that is now Haunted by the laughter that filled this place I search for solace Memories of happier days spent along this shore crowd the vacant beach Transported by time and circumstance I am here alone, searching for the hand that once held mine Rows of benches, hard and abandoned and as empty as I feel, witness … Continue reading A Muted Life

No Mercy

Floating just above the surface she moves as swiftly as the fast flowing river at the end of the winter Her veins engorged with ice She shows no mercy Charming the gathering crowd she mesmerizes as the snake dances before her obeying her every demand Her hands orchestrate deception She shows no mercy Stunning in her power she sows the seeds of discontent Reaping her … Continue reading No Mercy


It seems not long ago in some faraway hazy place You were here Clinging to hope with clammy hands This can’t be real   As one day blends into the next My blood boils, consuming my existence My heart hardens, turning me to stone You left me behind I throw sharpened spears tipped with rage At your empty chair   I’ll do anything Give all … Continue reading Grief