Strength Claimed

  And when magic is lean and your mantra seems tarnished and messy, when courage is desperate for a way to escape and dreams are filled with regret, when being headstrong and proud leaves you sort of wishing for reasons to abdicate your throne, whatever that may be, remember… a vulnerable soul has power Stories of struggle exist to strengthen and even as crooks and … Continue reading Strength Claimed


Just a thought… different as we may be in some ways we are all the same Connected   laughter shared between mother and child is magical here, next door, across town, across the world   and when tears fall and loss is felt here, there, everywhere sorrow keeps raining on sunny days bright, sunny days Words have power power to hurt or power to heal … Continue reading Connections

Walk in the Morning

I slipped out the door to explore the darkness still holding dear to early morning hours Guided by a luminous moon I followed the path, soothed by silence as the world around me slept Reaching the place where soft waves caressed the waiting shore, everything became suddenly new Things that are and yet could be seemed insignificant when viewed beneath a painted sky Unforeseen and … Continue reading Walk in the Morning

The Writer’s Apron

Each day as she wakes and fastens an old apron around her waist Stained from years of use, its deep pocket, almost threadbare and ripped holds treasures of a lifetime Unseen by casual observers, it’s the receptacle of her creations For, as she meanders through each day, it’s the receptacle for her metaphors and rhymes Watching from her small corner of the word, she gathers … Continue reading The Writer’s Apron


The voice within demands to be heard Whispering insistent phrases Singing urgent songs Citing fragments of stories It’s a challenge I dare not ignore   Those times the muse is kind the whispering sweetens the day the song is sung in key the stories provide comfort It’s an assignment I eagerly accept   Those times the inspiration goes silent the whispering mocks the song sounds … Continue reading Writing


With the poet It does not begin with a Blank page   With the artist It does not begin with an Empty canvas   With the musician It does not begin with Silent instruments   Before pen is put to paper And brush is stroked on canvas And notes become melodies There is inspiration   It’s soft whispering that fills the ear And images flashing … Continue reading Inspiration