Sweet Grace

  It was personal, that decision I made to honor the day my angel grew wings It was personal, your choice to throw shade Things you don’t know could be just about anything   What you see isn’t always what you get Easy to judge when a world is so small   A ray of hope, a light in my darkened room that tiny heartbeat … Continue reading Sweet Grace


  That’s the thing about habits, good or bad They slip unnoticed into daily life until unique shadows meld to become one, and one without the other drives even a calm person mad Recognized far too late, these choice habits morph into those deigned unfit, something to surrender, something to quit and after many a false start, many dates passed by, yesterday and yesterday circled … Continue reading Quitting

No Nevermind

Often alone, even on Visiting Day, she wandered the halls in her threadbare robe shuffling heel to toe, heel to toe and muttered nevermind, no nevermind, no Always following the same path driven by melodies of her youth she’d find a patch of sunlight there by the windows covered in bars the scent of roses overpowered the antiseptic the laughter of children blocked moans of … Continue reading No Nevermind


From the outside looking in, it seemed innocuous a world within worlds, safe if not circumspect That’s the beauty of illusion Swirling colors hide the dirt beneath And so I fell down that rabbit hole and devoured each mushroom I could find, served on pristine doilies carefully covering plates laden with filth Tea, sugary sweet as it scalded my throat Oh, how the players beckoned, … Continue reading Madness

Broken Compass

  And when the elements of what makes a life meaningful collapse and the compass you, yourself, created is guided by a broken needle, those questions you’ve been avoiding must be asked Forever isn’t found in yesterday and tomorrow holds no promise unless you find the strength to revise your true purpose and revive those lost intentions patiently waiting to guide you back to a … Continue reading Broken Compass

Seeking Bridges

When the sound of a slamming door echoes for too long, it reveals truths only a healed heart can hear Because before it closed, it framed the gateway to promises made and dreams held, somehow innocent in intention Because as it closed, it carried the weight of differences unreconciled and frailty revealed, somehow reinforced in anger Because after it closed, it defined the difference of … Continue reading Seeking Bridges


The cat is gone The porcelain beauty keeping vigil in the backyard atop a cracked boulder and flanked by a faded pinwheel Even the plastic flowers…gone Taking for granted, this guardian of someone’s beloved pet who greeted me each morning as I parked my car beside the dilapidated house next to my school I didn’t consider it might disappear Stealing my breath for just a … Continue reading Progress

The Paths We Choose

It’s a particular drive that urges us forward as we follow paths that define us Teacher, Nurse, Chef Carpenter, Banker, Scientist Entertainer, Minister, Mom We all began as children playing in the schoolyard For some, the call came early almost predestined in a grand plan For others, the way wound around several sharp curves and u-turns Still, we were once those children trying on roles … Continue reading The Paths We Choose

Book of Life

The Book of Life slipped out of my hands It fell to the floor and opened to the chapter titled Transitions Captivated by stories of change I wept as my trembling fingers turned each page Gone were the days of innocence Epic tales of good and evil recorded my personal narrative as my eyes scanned the story of my life Detailed accounts of triumph and … Continue reading Book of Life


It seems not long ago in some faraway hazy place You were here Clinging to hope with clammy hands This can’t be real   As one day blends into the next My blood boils, consuming my existence My heart hardens, turning me to stone You left me behind I throw sharpened spears tipped with rage At your empty chair   I’ll do anything Give all … Continue reading Grief

White Lies

In preparation for a unit on The Cay , I provided my seventh grade class with a belief assessment list. They had evaluate each statement and decide whether they agreed. One of the statements was “True friends never lie to each other.” It was fascinating to watch my group of fourteen students select opposite sides of the room, almost equally. Many felt that it was … Continue reading White Lies

More Than This

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PRrT0Ak18Pc “I found a book that my mama kept Filled with secrets she hid And in a dusty old attic, one mornin’ I read About a woman I never met Who had dreams just like mine With every page that I turned, the words came alive” (Written by Liz Hengber, Deanna Bryant)   My mother is not a writer, but she is a brilliant individual. … Continue reading More Than This


I spent the day at a meeting today in which the speaker discussed the pressure society puts on us to attain perfection. To me, perfection is deeply personal and means different things to different people.    Perfection lives in perception Crafted in the eye of the beholder Appreciated by the designator Declared to be so Perception lives in perfection Perfection exists in creation Designated in … Continue reading Perfection

Second Opinions

Human beings are innately social creatures. From birth, we find ourselves belonging to a series of associations. We spend our lives striving to make connections, whether personally, professionally, or spiritually. Moving among family ties, peer groups,  work organizations, and interest based alliances, we spend our time interacting with others with whom we share a common interest.  As we traverse this endless cycle, it is only … Continue reading Second Opinions