On this spectacular day so stunning in its beauty it takes your breath away I heard the news Such announcements should arrive on the edge of storm clouds Dark and angry Throwing daggers of electricity at a dark night With howling winds cursing the skies And crashing rolls of thunder calling his name The air should be heavy with sorrow Concealing the sun that should … Continue reading Ray


A matriarch who glittered without a crown she saw beauty on that night when the stars were upside down Feisty and well-renown she loved her family with all her might A matriarch who glittered without a crown And even as we were bound to frown her positive energy cast a light when the stars were upside down It was her wish that we’d all be … Continue reading Mary


Time after time after time again I’ve thought of you thought of moments we shared thought of moments we’ve lost I’ve written a thousand letters I’ve composed a million notes I’ve had endless conversations in my head alone In some, I rant my accusations pointed In some, I bargain to lessen this distance between us In some, I weep — the loss of you too … Continue reading Unbroken

On Loss, Again

Sometimes below the tears that fall gently like the summer rain resolve falters and that brave front weighs too heavy Somehow among the rack and ruin you find the courage to fall into the unknown and release the desperation Grief is like that States of emergency muddled with stress and too many decisions disappear or at least rearrange and those hands that you’ve clenched and … Continue reading On Loss, Again


Like vignettes from a horror movie permanently on replay the images flash across the screen once, twice, now almost daily The debate among pundits continues two steps forward and one step back spinning wheels creating trails of blue and red smoke The tears of yet another family fall too many names carved on a growing list Each someone’s Everything as we sit by helplessly Hearts … Continue reading Madness