Enthralled by the prospect of new adventure she followed blindly, slipping into a world where smoke and ash painted forgotten corners with the blood of the innocent   Whispers in the mist fueled the mystery as anxious breaths betrayed bravado Initiation demanded participation as she tried to strike a balance between temptation and courage   Last minute misgivings guided her spirit A feeling no … Continue reading Intuition


  Demise beneath broken skies a cacophony of strident voices sentenced her to die by morning She’d be drowned in a well of shadows as the death bell tolled under a crimson moon such a hollow ring, a hollow ring Trust and love, a subterfuge Clandestine meetings in that old church passionate embraces beneath favissa and pooling wax Her lover unlaced her corset with gentle … Continue reading Accused


It begins with a single voice and then another and another united as one Together we build a world where love is stronger than hate Some call it revolution these things we do that others won’t Knowing our actions build our world, I call it by another name Humanity Photo: Wikimedia Prompt: #MadVerse Continue reading Humanity


a moment to collect these fragments of time by chance, a moment to turn it inside out if only for a moment   scaffolds of despair layered under a rain-kissed sky imaginary temples to honor seclusion beneath a nectarine sun as the wolf, beaten, howls at the door for a moment   a woman, more than blood and bone, seeks truth aspirations drawn out on … Continue reading Moments

Before Flight

I suppose it’s well enough for now this departure from reality It’s well enough for now Ensconced in a world of strained repartee true believers cast a spell, an ordination in this departure from reality Packaged and sold as one’s vocation Weak and weary accept the transition as true believers cast that spell, an ordination Fact and fiction dance in this place, a juxtaposition and … Continue reading Before Flight

Going Home

Sometimes I slip back to that place where troubles can’t intrude My mother’s garden, filled with flowers and lace In need of respite from life’s fast pace I wander and let waves wash over this unsettled mood Sometimes I slip back to that place In search of comfort, it’s childhood footsteps I trace to release these problems I’ve accrued My mother’s garden, filled with flowers … Continue reading Going Home


Haunted by this uncertain feeling I dream of running, running away Visions of another life, revealing   And so I teeter on the edge, kneeling Finding purchase on glass bridges as they sway Haunted by this uncertain feeling   A future reflected in canyons below… calling, squealing Released from confines of expectations, I stray Visions of another life, revealing   Walking in shadows and slowly … Continue reading Resolution

Wake Up

In the spirit of Halloween… Fog’s rolling in those giants brewing up trouble potent potions bubble over fires stoked with bones and rubble The air is thick that smoke slowly smothering ethereal shapes suffering over cries cut short witches sputtering In the midst of terror awareness pins salvation somewhere above the din Escape from this nightmare for those willing to try garnered with simple electricity … Continue reading Wake Up

Love Story

He saw her in fractured time Spaces between pounding heartbeats defined in shards of reality and told the tale of the sacred and the profane On days when storms brewed behind her topaz eyes and her words set the world ablaze he shouldered the blame And in the night when she cried softly in dark spaces he cradled her fears and wiped away each tear … Continue reading Love Story

What If

What if those iron bars that surround you were nothing more than gossamer threads, shredded remnants of broken dreams still projecting the illusion of captivity What if… What if that touchstone you treasured for all those years, revered and held by insignificant power, now fell buried in the muck, dull and cracked What if… What if what was, isn’t What if what was, never was … Continue reading What If


Stuck in a perpetual dress rehearsal she dances until her feet bleed, examining missteps as she strives for perfection, a new test If she could rewrite history and choreograph a new routine, her recovery would reveal a grand curtain call as her spotlight fades into the sunset photo: Pixabay prompts: Verse Reversal, Drug Verse, Wylde Verse, Madverse Continue reading Spotlight

Living Nightmares

She heard the thunder but never felt the rain It rumbled and rolled through her chest and shook the ground beneath her bare feet but not a drop fell from that steel grey sky She witnessed the crash but never saw the impact It exploded in squealing tires seeking purchase and shattering glass raining on her unprotected body but not a sliver fell from that spider-webbed … Continue reading Living Nightmares

Butterfly Tears

Your loss weighs heavy like a cloth dampened by a thousand tears imprisoning your shattered soul in a prison of endless grief And I, helpless and confined, desperately seek a way to write a different ending But when reality suffocates hope and that which is done cannot be undone I put away my pen and push away the paper for sometimes words, even in their … Continue reading Butterfly Tears

Teen-Aged Memories

Exploring the world with the bravado of youth we traversed days with intention I still feel the heat oozing from hot pavement as we logged miles on flimsy flip-flops aggressively moving toward no place in particular I remember the rush of dancing on the dark side meeting at that old bridge to grab bottles left just underneath gifted by boys not much older I remember … Continue reading Teen-Aged Memories


Emerging from the depths of endless mourning she whispered a quiet prayer Imploring the universe, all at once cruel and somehow comforting, to guide her in this unfamiliar place to heal her forever fractured heart to find peace, bittersweet peace one step at a time photo: Pixabay prompt: MadVerse 637 Continue reading Solitude

Twisted Roads

Blame it on fate this road I’m on is blackened with the dry petals of yesterday’s ashes days pass by with increasing speed and I’m left screaming don’t stop, don’t stop Must be fate this road I’m on brings me further away from demons of my own design Can’t stop, don’t stop the shadows slowly retreating held the power to leave me ruined to the … Continue reading Twisted Roads


We fight to live we fight to love we expect nothing as the first phase of the revolution grows Finding each other to join forces despite chaos swirling like storms that create thick smoke and broken mirrors the attraction between like minds can not be denied We fight to live hard we fight to love hard we expect nothing less as the feeding frenzy surrounding … Continue reading Revolution