After The Storm

Guess I should have known benediction lingers between light and shadow between elation and fury urging explicit emotion to rest as the embers of hellfires cool And like the wind caressing tender petals after that fierce storm redemption waits as the last wildflower loses its tremble and turns to face the sun Prophecy soaring on the silver wings of guardian angels renames fate, reconfiguring every … Continue reading After The Storm


It begins in the usual places borne of winds skirting between totems and pillars and prayer that breath of belonging once lost and twice found rising from stars collapsing in the night sky   that urge to move forward counting steps taken even after the fall   when gravitas redefines purpose and a new way is revealed she finds a way   This is courage … Continue reading Courage


Just a thought… different as we may be in some ways we are all the same Connected   laughter shared between mother and child is magical here, next door, across town, across the world   and when tears fall and loss is felt here, there, everywhere sorrow keeps raining on sunny days bright, sunny days Words have power power to hurt or power to heal … Continue reading Connections