If We Were Having Coffee, December 1st

If we were having coffee today, December 1st, I’d invite you in and offer a piece of the banana-nut bread I made this morning. We can listen to Chaka Khan’s Classikhan. It’s the perfect accompaniment to a quiet Saturday afternoon. I’d ask you about your Thanksgiving and tell you about mine. I spent most of the day with our five-year-old granddaughter. We read books and … Continue reading If We Were Having Coffee, December 1st

Rose-colored Glasses

Reblogging an old post…fits perfectly with this prompt! Subtle shades of pink soften the edges in a black and white world   Streaks of vibrant salmon dance across stormy skies in the midst of chaos   A rush of crimson decorates chapped faces in the coldest winter mornings   Cuddly carnation blankets swathe crying babies in the in-between hours of dusk and dawn   Sweet … Continue reading Rose-colored Glasses