Proving Grounds

  Better to be lost than found slipping into places where hard lines blur Rhythmic denial expected, a final proving ground Languid days designed to confound as impish ways sacrifice succor Better to be lost than found Rough and raw experiences abound Lessons learned no matter what may occur Rhythmic denial expected, this final proving ground High-pitched screaming such an eerie sound when mixed with … Continue reading Proving Grounds


Lost in the melancholy of inevitable goodbyes, each breath was an effort, burning bridges with shades of fire that lit a backdrop of regret and second guesses Suspended in indecision, choices were hers to make And so she floated, if only to give opportunity to revelation patiently waiting to be discovered… a pinpoint of light flickering in the depth of endless stars When her head … Continue reading Fireflies

Open Doors

Not because possible disappointments hang in the air, stagnant and stifling Not because possible changes hover in the shadows, imminent and impending Not because possible endings hide in plain sight, teasing and tormenting but because in the quiet of these moments I hear the music that orchestrates my future Because those closing doors open a million windows, crystal and clear Because those new adventures offer … Continue reading Open Doors

The Phoenix

Suspended until a call to action initiates response Electrical impulses race through tingling flesh The will to survive innately human choreographs the dance performed since time began   As the world smolders like a house on fire and devastation reigns what becomes of the one battling the blaze alone Heart-wrenching choices and life-altering decisions dictate the path through the smoke What is saved and what … Continue reading The Phoenix


Tentative steps toward New beginnings Without comfort of the Familiar Yet with the promise of A fresh start   Shedding old skin And habitual ways Leaving behind what’s done Rebirth ignites a small flame In a soul Dark for so long   In fear There is strength In hesitation There is hope In the unfamiliar There is faith   With an ending That is absolute … Continue reading Beginnings