I dreamt of my past last night… the ultimate paradox that place where my dreams lived when all the edges were smooth and promises opened to possibilities that blossomed in the night where even the tension that beckoned each morning serves now as my muse and the drama it owned told stories that would fill any playhouse with audiences who urged the ingénue to bite … Continue reading Paradox

The Walk

Here is the beginning of a new short story I’m working on. Thoughts? Suggestions?



“We’re going for a walk.”


The faculty stared at her. Silence bounced off the walls in steady beats. Sideways glances were exchanged between teachers. Someone cleared her throat. Someone else giggled.


“We’re what?” The young teacher’s eyes darted between the clock and the principal’s face as she stood before them, and shrugged her shoulders. “The bell is about to ring.”


“Yes,” the principal answered, “and when it does, we will go out to the playground and pick up the children to take them for a walk.”


“Why?” The faculty responded as one, just as another teacher, late for the meeting, rushed into the room. Someone turned to her and whispered, “We’re going for a walk.”


“What?” She looked around the room. “We’re doing what?” She turned to the principal. “Why?”


“Because it’s something we need to do.” She walked to the door. “There’s the bell. Let’s go.” Continue reading “The Walk”