Mother’s Pride

Smiles and a promise back when time moved slowly… delicious in daily tasks satisfying in simplicity Sometimes we’d sleep on the porch lit with candles and let the ocean breeze wash away our troubles Single-handed focus on dreams meant for a life we had planned, not knowing where our path would lead, back when the future was yet reimagined Somehow we made it through twists … Continue reading Mother’s Pride


the power of memories a trip to what had been I let go I surrendered   the power of a song a reminder of what had been I heard echoes of laughter I danced with ghosts   burdens of today weigh heavy a prison made from scars I needed to slip away I cast a lifeline to yesterday   If for a moment, relief   … Continue reading Nostalgia

The Old Bench

An old iron bench empty beneath the shade of that grand tree Layers of peeling paint tell its story Once shiny and new and delivered with a festive bow Bestowed upon a smiling mother by three young children It was the keeper of happy memories Carefully placed on an open porch by the front door of the family home it bore witness to endless summers … Continue reading The Old Bench

Grandpa’s Garage

I visited my yesterdays one warm afternoon as I stepped into my father’s garage and came face to face with the past My eyes registered familiar sights but something about the way it smelled swiftly brought me back to days long forgotten Gasoline mixed with the unmistakable aroma of freshly cut grass and an assortment of garden supplies washed over me as I became a … Continue reading Grandpa’s Garage


His name means “God is gracious” and on that quiet night when we met again by chance I believed it Stunned by the appearance of this beautiful young man I was flooded with memories of the boy that filled my life with love and laughter Oh how my heart ached as I reached to embrace him time and time and time again Trying to bridge … Continue reading Connections