Strength in Innocence

When Innocence takes delicate matters by the hand intent on silencing screams between warring factions Time is forced to face Introspection on her witness stand Social contracts shredded by meaningless transactions Intent on silencing screams between warring factions she somehow understands all views cast in black and white… those social contracts shredded by meaningless transactions serve no purpose other than to destroy and incite This … Continue reading Strength in Innocence


Could it be that the sum of twisted experiences culminate in the ultimate self-sacrifice? When cords, those tenuous threads, that tie reality and perception together break a broken mind resists strangling tacit explanations as voices scream down every corridor She prefers to embrace anarchy as even simple beauty is swallowed by inky blackness Why else would there be a meadow of beautiful flowers growing in … Continue reading Breakdown

September Nights

Tell me you’ll find me in each September sunset even as I travel this world far and wide Need the comfort your memory provides Some things you never forget Long walks under falling leaves we made future plans Amidst the starlight, we created romance Crafted stories I still believe Somehow you knew the right questions to all the answers I thought I found Painted a … Continue reading September Nights