Like the ground, sunbaked and barren, a wasteland built on years without rain Desiré becomes complacent seeking to quench her thirst with a single tear Choking on silence that rambles across ruined lives Desiré becomes frail seeking to satisfy her needs with a single word Existing in perpetual darkness, a world without connection Desiré becomes desperate seeking a sliver of sunlight with a single plea … Continue reading Desiré

Sweet Grace

  It was personal, that decision I made to honor the day my angel grew wings It was personal, your choice to throw shade Things you don’t know could be just about anything   What you see isn’t always what you get Easy to judge when a world is so small   A ray of hope, a light in my darkened room that tiny heartbeat … Continue reading Sweet Grace


Creeping vines of self-righteousness seek to find hold Whitewashed versions of truth, nothing but a blindfold Quarrels of man hurt before reaching the heart of the matter Pain, a necessary evil if dialogue is meant to be more than mindless chatter Visible scars cast a sheen on egos that scramble for fool’s gold If by chance, one is willing to pay the price to be … Continue reading Conversations

No Nevermind

Often alone, even on Visiting Day, she wandered the halls in her threadbare robe shuffling heel to toe, heel to toe and muttered nevermind, no nevermind, no Always following the same path driven by melodies of her youth she’d find a patch of sunlight there by the windows covered in bars the scent of roses overpowered the antiseptic the laughter of children blocked moans of … Continue reading No Nevermind


From the outside looking in, it seemed innocuous a world within worlds, safe if not circumspect That’s the beauty of illusion Swirling colors hide the dirt beneath And so I fell down that rabbit hole and devoured each mushroom I could find, served on pristine doilies carefully covering plates laden with filth Tea, sugary sweet as it scalded my throat Oh, how the players beckoned, … Continue reading Madness


Reposting to meet today’s Daily Prompt Silence Cuts with more precision than the most accomplished executioner’s guillotine Amputates what is left of tenuous associations   Silence Radiates with more antagonism than the most blood-thirsty dictator’s decree Annihilates what is left of incommensurable lives   Silence Consumes with more indifference than the most proficient predator’s lair Immolates what is left of disintegrating liaisons   Passively aggressive … Continue reading Silence


Can’t quite put my finger on it This feeling lingering just out of reach as the world shifts again With arms flailing he could reach for something safe to hold as his head spins and spins What he once knew is gone What is just ahead is a mystery What could be ignites his soul Transformations abound touching everything and everyone that he holds dear … Continue reading Transformations


It’s waiting that is most difficult My stomach churns as I force each breath to leave my compressed chest and gasp, starved for the next shaky inhalation Emotion becomes its own entity A twisted tangle of dreams, fears, anticipation that crushes awareness of anything else I am weightless as I meander through surreal days Years upon years striving toward this goal that many times seemed … Continue reading Graduation