A  sliver of light from beneath a heavy door shimmering, inviting, captivating I crept closer and closer still I reached for the key and turned it with trembling fingers I felt the tumblers fall I twisted the unresponsive handle and twisted again Looking for another key, looking for a way out A sliver of light from beneath a heavy door shimmering, inviting, captivating I bathed … Continue reading Tenacity

Sunday Dreaming

Monday is the Taskmaster         dictating a schedule meant to be followed         precisely   Tuesday is the Working Mother         rushing to meet deadlines while feeding hungry children         responsibly   Wednesday is the Dancer         grooving to the sound of her own music and inventing new steps         creatively   Thursday is the Flirt         winking … Continue reading Sunday Dreaming

After the Rain

After the rain it all looked different, a reprieve Those city streets covered in grease and grime sparkling just enough to make us believe   Cracked and broken sidewalks glistened on a midsummer’s eve almost beautiful, washed clean of blood and crime After the rain it all looked different, a reprieve   That driving storm hid mothers who grieve Strobes of police lights fading in … Continue reading After the Rain

Strength in Innocence

When Innocence takes delicate matters by the hand intent on silencing screams between warring factions Time is forced to face Introspection on her witness stand Social contracts shredded by meaningless transactions Intent on silencing screams between warring factions she somehow understands all views cast in black and white… those social contracts shredded by meaningless transactions serve no purpose other than to destroy and incite This … Continue reading Strength in Innocence


  on this endless journey fate designed decisions…to be gracious or unrefined? a petulant frenzy leaves no room to adjust voices crashing through those walls of trust to the hard way, some are resigned takes no time for behavior to be defined as fragile reputations are lost and maligned if only those differences had been discussed on this endless journey doesn’t take much to leave … Continue reading Repercussions


Could it be that the sum of twisted experiences culminate in the ultimate self-sacrifice? When cords, those tenuous threads, that tie reality and perception together break a broken mind resists strangling tacit explanations as voices scream down every corridor She prefers to embrace anarchy as even simple beauty is swallowed by inky blackness Why else would there be a meadow of beautiful flowers growing in … Continue reading Breakdown

Silent Battles

She suffers in silence, alone Her outward appearance, deceptive as her body wages war on itself crippling joints, a slow-motion stranglehold   Her outward appearance, deceptive Some days are good while others succumb to that slow-motion stranglehold as it tightens its grip Her counter attack, a cornucopia of pills — yellow, pink, orange   Still, some days are good enough to balance those when she … Continue reading Silent Battles


Fear is a faceless mask a deity relishing misplaced power the precipice of success viewed from dizzying heights can make knees buckle if one is bent on looking down a true masterpiece ruined viewed as random brushstrokes slightly askew off center if one is trapped in perceptions of perfection Ah, but the sculptor molds beauty as viewed from a place of expression personal interpretation evolving … Continue reading Perspectives

Compassion Lost

He is invisible as they pass by Splayed on the sidewalk He’s just another lost cause A reminder of what could be as they chase paper ambitions Once a little boy with hopes and dreams Playing on the sidewalk He’s just another statistic A tally on the list of failures as they work to build their balance sheet Approaching his last days perhaps dying there … Continue reading Compassion Lost

Life Invested

It whispers in the background Static, a constant companion Biding its time patiently waiting to strike And when the moment comes… When you draw your final breath alone in the middle of the night Will satisfaction be yours? Did you color outside the lines to create a masterpiece of your own design with all the broken pieces? Did you answer the call when beauty beckoned, … Continue reading Life Invested