Thankful for her free spirit She is oblivious to the stares as knowing glances are exchanged and snarky smirks are barely disguised What does it say when those that remind our children to be kind delight tearing down the quirkiness of another? I suppose it is human nature, that fragile façade, to condemn those that are different from what society dictates as “normal” Hypocrisy lurks … Continue reading Hypocrisy

Small Town Hens

When forced from the safety of the coop how the hens cackle Seeking safety in numbers they gather in the shadow of the big city clucking as they scratch dirt in designer shoes Preening their feathers, they cluck raucously Viciously plucking as they jostle for placement in imagined pecking orders Each self-appointed tour guide struts confidently Doing her best peacock impression Trying to display vibrant colors … Continue reading Small Town Hens