Faithful Companions

Poem from December 2014 for Throwback Friday An old man whistles as he shuffles down the sidewalk Each step an effort The effects of time his constant companion A well-lived life his source of inspiration   His old dog limps along beside him Each step an effort Still he follows A loyal companion His well-lived life with his gentle Master   They make quite a … Continue reading Faithful Companions

Missed Alarms

One of my favorites from 2014 for Throwback Friday Expelled from the hazy, lazy shangri-la of sleep Awareness settles in… slowly, faintly, persistently Cool morning air invades warm blankets Piercing the cocoon While whistling robins heckle   Plunged into the stark, absolute reality of failed alarms Panic reigns…pointedly, vehemently, completely Soft bare feet stomp hard wooden floors Breaking the barrier Between fragmented fantasies and frenzied … Continue reading Missed Alarms

What If

What if those iron bars that surround you were nothing more than gossamer threads, shredded remnants of broken dreams still projecting the illusion of captivity What if… What if that touchstone you treasured for all those years, revered and held by insignificant power, now fell buried in the muck, dull and cracked What if… What if what was, isn’t What if what was, never was … Continue reading What If

Living Nightmares

She heard the thunder but never felt the rain It rumbled and rolled through her chest and shook the ground beneath her bare feet but not a drop fell from that steel grey sky She witnessed the crash but never saw the impact It exploded in squealing tires seeking purchase and shattering glass raining on her unprotected body but not a sliver fell from that spider-webbed … Continue reading Living Nightmares

Sour Grapes

That I take umbrage would be insufficient a description of behavior that fuels fires burning beneath my cauldron red-hot with rage How my blood boils incited by accusations uttered by those who only know abuse of power while collecting souls of the naïve Speaking from both sides of one mouth, they condemn freely while encouraging deceit openly Daring the concourse to slip and disavow the … Continue reading Sour Grapes

Open Doors

Not because possible disappointments hang in the air, stagnant and stifling Not because possible changes hover in the shadows, imminent and impending Not because possible endings hide in plain sight, teasing and tormenting but because in the quiet of these moments I hear the music that orchestrates my future Because those closing doors open a million windows, crystal and clear Because those new adventures offer … Continue reading Open Doors

Red Nose Reality

He saw it by the dusty curb dull and discarded Slipping it into his pocket he headed home Turning the key in the door with the faded numbers He announced his arrival in this place beneath the neon light that flashed “Weekly” His sister sat criss-crossed on a carpet that hosted too many shoes as her own tennis shoes, holes in the soles lay discarded … Continue reading Red Nose Reality

The Paths We Choose

It’s a particular drive that urges us forward as we follow paths that define us Teacher, Nurse, Chef Carpenter, Banker, Scientist Entertainer, Minister, Mom We all began as children playing in the schoolyard For some, the call came early almost predestined in a grand plan For others, the way wound around several sharp curves and u-turns Still, we were once those children trying on roles … Continue reading The Paths We Choose

Near Miss

No one saw it coming back in the Age of Information already immersed in steady decline One hand dealing cards unaware as the other loaded the deck and played the fortuitous hand Cutting brake lines on an already speeding car racing toward the end of the road Stepping carelessly in the space in-between Moments measured in milliseconds Inevitable collision created in slow motion If only … Continue reading Near Miss


Presumed defeated in a faraway place, long ago Fear no longer invaded dreams Restful sleep came to all Confident vanquished demons now nothing but a distant memory The beast awoke in a spectacular wave undulating through pristine pastures Clawing its way through fallow soil it resurfaced, gnashing broken teeth Its bellowing reverberating through once sacred halls rekindling terror long since extinguished Time stood still as pendulous … Continue reading Resurrection


Protected in his crystal palace he inspects the world around him A self-appointed King his pleasure is borne on the backs of his subjects Resolute in their mission minions set to work diligently, earnestly for a job that brings its own reward Entertained by chaos created by unattainable rules proclaimed in his name the king had no shame witnessing the suffering Still, peasants labored finding … Continue reading Karma


The afternoon sun casts perfectly defined shadows Standing sentient in glorious imitation Precise silhouettes chase changing skies Stretching to reach for wavering light Phantom images dance as hours grow longer Yielding to crimson hues on the horizon Unified in simplicity they stand splendidly for fleeting moments until the sun bids adieu Continue reading Shadows

Fresh Air

Following a path of my own design, I wander alone Sometimes the weight of stillness invites me in, urging me to pause and just be… Embracing silence, serenity is found Sometimes an absence of distraction clears my head, allowing my vision to clear and find new perspectives… Finding fresh ground, I am refreshed Sometimes a moment of solitude is all I need, granting me strength … Continue reading Fresh Air

The Muse

Bestowed with an adventurer’s hunger she yearned for new experiences Seeking the next anecdote to add to her ever-growing personal narrative Filled with a restless soul always on the move she arrived at the new homestead with eyes wide opened and spirit ready to receive the story waiting to be revealed Before her, a faded clapboard house shutters slightly askew invited her in Moving boxes … Continue reading The Muse

Book of Life

The Book of Life slipped out of my hands It fell to the floor and opened to the chapter titled Transitions Captivated by stories of change I wept as my trembling fingers turned each page Gone were the days of innocence Epic tales of good and evil recorded my personal narrative as my eyes scanned the story of my life Detailed accounts of triumph and … Continue reading Book of Life

Flawed Recollection

Today becomes abstract as it is archived in the pages of history Destined to join the annals of long ago How much time must pass before the present becomes the past And flawed memories validate misrepresentation Quandaries and dilemmas so important in the here and now somehow become vague memories, inconsequential Solutions and agendas insistently employed start ripples of change that touch future days accepted, … Continue reading Flawed Recollection

Worth the Wait

The fairy tale began in the usual way Plans, dreams a vision of perfection Until the magic mirror cracked revealing the Dark Side Chapter Two brought together two fractured souls Desperately trying to slay dragons with broken arrows that somehow missed the mark Editing began frantic at first Slowly morphing into deliberate intention The heroine became her own hero as she rewrote the story Wasn’t … Continue reading Worth the Wait

Yin Yang

Juxtaposition A powerful tool skillfully used to compare the passion that fuels both love and hatred the fluid line between right or wrong the broken boundaries of ideology and reality the frayed edges connecting my side with yours   Attempting to gather insight when weighing options Agonizing dilemmas battle in a troubled mind Employing complicated comparisons only works when a willingness to surrender allows karma … Continue reading Yin Yang

Unexpected Guests

Sometimes subtle Gentle caresses tickle unsuspecting patrons Feathery touches barely perceptible   Sometimes threatening Heavy tumblers sail across a vacant bar Crashing glass can’t be ignored   Sometimes passive An apparition standing lost in thought at the window high above the floor raises nothing but questions yet to be answered   Sometimes restless A woman from a bygone era strolls across an empty room searching … Continue reading Unexpected Guests