Just for today your eyes are focused Do you see me? All those days spent trapped in your world Do you recognize me? Haunted by memories of yesterdays frustrated by forgotten todays Do you remember how I held your hand? Hold on to this moment We’ll savor it together Until the clouds roll back in tomorrow Alzheimer’s Association *I’m reposting this today because I’m … Continue reading Forget-Me-Nots

Tell Me

Tell me about those dreams you seek there in that vast wasteland that borders risk and reward and floods of joy all promised by a single drop of rain tell me about the hope you’ve found dancing across ripples on the water while looking for answers hidden in silvery trees in a forest of proud cacti tell me about it And as tomorrow floats like … Continue reading Tell Me

Mother’s Pride

Smiles and a promise back when time moved slowly… delicious in daily tasks satisfying in simplicity Sometimes we’d sleep on the porch lit with candles and let the ocean breeze wash away our troubles Single-handed focus on dreams meant for a life we had planned, not knowing where our path would lead, back when the future was yet reimagined Somehow we made it through twists … Continue reading Mother’s Pride


Can’t quite put my finger on it This feeling lingering just out of reach as the world shifts again With arms flailing he could reach for something safe to hold as his head spins and spins What he once knew is gone What is just ahead is a mystery What could be ignites his soul Transformations abound touching everything and everyone that he holds dear … Continue reading Transformations


It’s waiting that is most difficult My stomach churns as I force each breath to leave my compressed chest and gasp, starved for the next shaky inhalation Emotion becomes its own entity A twisted tangle of dreams, fears, anticipation that crushes awareness of anything else I am weightless as I meander through surreal days Years upon years striving toward this goal that many times seemed … Continue reading Graduation

Not a Statistic

The National Center for Learning Disabilities has stunning information regarding struggling students in the United States. The organization states “While some educational outcomes for students with learning disabilities have shown improvements in recent years, overall they remain unacceptably low.” Here is a summary of the facts. Close to half of secondary students with LD perform more than three grade levels below their enrolled grade in … Continue reading Not a Statistic

Irresponsible Reporting

Two of my three children have asthma, and although I tend to be fairly laid-back, this is one condition that has always worried me. When my daughters were very young, I became well acquainted with the symptoms and treatments of this disease and monitored any slight cough or wheeze with extreme trepidation. My daughter, Mary-Kate, was hospitalized for several days in 2007 because she could … Continue reading Irresponsible Reporting

Back to School

Somewhere in the moments between July and August, there is a shift. It’s almost imperceptible, yet parents and children feel it. The laid-back vibe of summer becomes replaced with an anticipatory Back to School environment. It’s seasonal, cyclical, and unavoidable. “Back to School” sales explode in every medium like proverbial rabbits. Somewhere in the moments between August and September, school resumes, engaging entire populations in … Continue reading Back to School

Trip to the Emergency Room

Motherhood is a curious thing – exhausting, consuming, sometimes frightening, often times rewarding. As my children reach the cusp of young adulthood, I’ve been reminiscing about the years that led us here. Feeling the need to go back to those days, I pulled a collection of old essays off the shelf. I wrote this almost exactly seven years ago when my son was ten. Seems … Continue reading Trip to the Emergency Room