From the outside looking in, it seemed innocuous a world within worlds, safe if not circumspect That’s the beauty of illusion Swirling colors hide the dirt beneath And so I fell down that rabbit hole and devoured each mushroom I could find, served on pristine doilies carefully covering plates laden with filth Tea, sugary sweet as it scalded my throat Oh, how the players beckoned, … Continue reading Madness


Thankful for her free spirit She is oblivious to the stares as knowing glances are exchanged and snarky smirks are barely disguised What does it say when those that remind our children to be kind delight tearing down the quirkiness of another? I suppose it is human nature, that fragile façade, to condemn those that are different from what society dictates as “normal” Hypocrisy lurks … Continue reading Hypocrisy

Hell: Closer than You Think


Hell exists. Buried deep within the bowels of a local hospital, demons wearing nurses’ uniforms frolic with grandiose EMTs,  while sour-face attendants monitor the doors. The rules are simple: Do as you’re told and don’t ask questions. It is their circus and their monkeys. Humanity ceases to exist as patients are subject to the whims of those who lost the ability to care eons ago. Continue reading “Hell: Closer than You Think”

Irresponsible Reporting

Two of my three children have asthma, and although I tend to be fairly laid-back, this is one condition that has always worried me. When my daughters were very young, I became well acquainted with the symptoms and treatments of this disease and monitored any slight cough or wheeze with extreme trepidation. My daughter, Mary-Kate, was hospitalized for several days in 2007 because she could … Continue reading Irresponsible Reporting