Doubt lives in corners between apricots and asters and chipped china dishes beneath old blankets worn with time and continued use   He’s timid, cautious and just a bit weary Starved for affection yet longing to trust a gentle hand a soothing voice   And if he could speak, if he could share his tale of woe, living in a world too cold, he might … Continue reading Rescue


Both a blessing and a curse these lives we lead… knowing rules are not meant to be broken, only bent as unintended forces apply just enough heat to make them pliable   And as we journey across time and space and experiences, it becomes inevitable, this drive to pause and reflect, knowing the next rest stop may forever be out of reach   Such is … Continue reading Community


It begins in the usual places borne of winds skirting between totems and pillars and prayer that breath of belonging once lost and twice found rising from stars collapsing in the night sky   that urge to move forward counting steps taken even after the fall   when gravitas redefines purpose and a new way is revealed she finds a way   This is courage … Continue reading Courage