I am the willow stooped and ungainly from years of solitude and discordant thoughts They weave together to carve lines in my flesh but my roots run deep as I seek sweet water It’s a reckless love, this unquenchable thirst made worse as I dance in the dusty summer wind My measureless imagination conjures images of the long-departed here by the muddy banks I feel … Continue reading Willow

Recycled Power

Once the Harlequin, she danced pulled by strings she did not control   She tried to dampen rage, not her own She attempted to silence growls of the beast   A false smile belied inescapable tears She was a leaf flailing in the wind   Broken   But sometimes those damaged bits meld together to create something stronger   Sometimes something abysmal becomes a thing … Continue reading Recycled Power

Without Fear

Couldn’t be more different from the space where she found refuge Landing in a world of polished beauty, hers was delicate In that place of obvious strength, hers was subtle While their beauty was celebrated in colors and shine, hers held golden memories Still, they surrounded her in a welcoming embrace appreciating the symbiosis diversity brings unafraid of the sting of the unknown In her … Continue reading Without Fear

Today He Smiles

Some pretend they don’t see the burden he carries As if their blind eye can negate his truth Still he is there, smiling Passing by casually they avert their gaze Their cowardice, like Medusa, turns hearts to stone Still he is there, smiling And when he falls they gasp yet none offers a helping hand Their fear melds with shame Still he is there, smiling … Continue reading Today He Smiles