Carrying regret for promises broken and dreams delayed, I stumble, slipping further from the  next step With tender flesh, now torn and bloodied, it is an alternate route I seek Strangled by the weight of what might have been had the path been carved by one more passionately dedicated, I explore dark alleys and dead ends and shed tattered skin Discovering strength in the darkness … Continue reading Recalculating

Je Suis Paris

They came like thieves in the night carrying their tools of demise Invaders powered by broken ideology, they arrived at your doorstep Scheming in the shadows as they fastened suicide vests, their assault failed before the first bombs exploded Each cacophonous blast echoed in the hearts of us all As shrapnel filled lovely spaces and laid claim to our brothers the world united, lighting up … Continue reading Je Suis Paris


I hear your voice phantom whispering in the night holds the darkness, chases the light Keeps me locked in this prison of grief I track lonely hours weary minutes that are infinite scrapes my soul, steals relief Keeps me tangled in this web of misery I feel the emptiness powerful entity that supersedes life itself orchestrates leaden hands, directs empty intentions Keeps me submerged in this … Continue reading Beloved

Let It Burn

Sometimes I set my world on fire just to watch it burn The conflagration, that cleansing flame, reduces everything to ash until nothing is left except the spark that gave birth to the blaze Sometimes I destroy walls around my city just to watch them fall The rubble, that beautiful ruin, reduces everything to the sum of its pieces until nothing is left except the … Continue reading Let It Burn

Shades of Blue

Once I gazed into my crystal ball Clutched it in my clammy hands and willed it to reveal the future The absence of clear visions reflected my absolute lack of power Frustration welled deep within and burst through those shaky hands I shook it, cursing its honesty I slammed it, mourning my losses I buried it in the muck In the rebirth of Spring I … Continue reading Shades of Blue