If We Were Having Coffee, January 12th

If we were having coffee today, January 12th, I’d invite you in to have some freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies. We finished the Christmas cookies last week but you’d see some stray decorations still strewn about. It seems to take longer to put them away each year than to drag them out. I’d tell you how much I enjoy the start of the new year and … Continue reading If We Were Having Coffee, January 12th


I am the willow stooped and ungainly from years of solitude and discordant thoughts They weave together to carve lines in my flesh but my roots run deep as I seek sweet water It’s a reckless love, this unquenchable thirst made worse as I dance in the dusty summer wind My measureless imagination conjures images of the long-departed here by the muddy banks I feel … Continue reading Willow

If We Were Having Coffee, November 3rd

If we were having coffee today, November 3rd, I’d invite you to sit at the table with me. The day is bright and beautiful, but November’s chill has arrived. It’s a perfect time of year. As we shared some of the pastries from our local bakery, I’d confess that I’m happy October is behind us. It was a difficult month with a lot happening in … Continue reading If We Were Having Coffee, November 3rd

Blue Sky Warning

More than the air, still and stagnant, more than cloudless skies and blue, blue water, Silence uttered the warning, a foreboding to beware. Rolling hills met the ocean without a care, yet not a creature moved. No field mice scurrying here and there. Cats hid and dogs cowered beneath abandoned porches. Livestock disappeared behind tall grasses, clustered tightly together. No children laughing on the lonesome … Continue reading Blue Sky Warning

Definitions of Hope

She endures She defines Defines the beginning and the end Defines life after life Life captured between the glory of fire and water Life gifted with infinite wishes Wishes meant to be serene Wishes to serve as reminders Reminders to pardon ignorance Reminders to pardon greed Greed borne of ignorance Greed growing with escalating impact Impact running the rails Impact becoming crisis Crisis has no … Continue reading Definitions of Hope

If We Were Having Coffee, July 21st

If we were having coffee today, July 21st, I’d invite you to sit on the patio with me. We’ve been having a heatwave with temperatures reaching 100+ but with my huge umbrella and a fan, it’s bearable. This week promises to bring more reasonable weather. I’d rather sit in this heat than take winter’s cold anyway. Would you? If I had to summarize this summer … Continue reading If We Were Having Coffee, July 21st

Strength Claimed

  And when magic is lean and your mantra seems tarnished and messy, when courage is desperate for a way to escape and dreams are filled with regret, when being headstrong and proud leaves you sort of wishing for reasons to abdicate your throne, whatever that may be, remember… a vulnerable soul has power Stories of struggle exist to strengthen and even as crooks and … Continue reading Strength Claimed


the scent of rain promises possibilities a chance perhaps to wash away the old and embrace the chill that follows as if to reckon hard realities against the soft ground that threatens to swallow me whole again the same hands that yearn to scratch are the ones who caress a wounded soul mine the scent of rain so familiar this harbinger of fierce storms the … Continue reading Tempestas

Tell Me

Tell me about those dreams you seek there in that vast wasteland that borders risk and reward and floods of joy all promised by a single drop of rain tell me about the hope you’ve found dancing across ripples on the water while looking for answers hidden in silvery trees in a forest of proud cacti tell me about it And as tomorrow floats like … Continue reading Tell Me

Last Christmas

Paper-white petals tucked in a bouquet Winter’s bloom of cinnamon wishes and roses of red Paper-white petals tucked in a bouquet Tendrils of time joining circles widespread Lasting moments on this elderberry night Winter’s bloom of cinnamon wishes and roses of red Framed in love meant to bless this rite A celebration to mark the beginning and the end Lasting moments on this elderberry night … Continue reading Last Christmas

Seeking Wisdom

“I talk to God but the sky is empty.” – Sylvia Plath I seek wisdom in the sawdust falling gently beneath the polished mahogany bowl you carved with loving hands for it is not the finished product but rather the blood, sweat, and tears buried deep within its caviar ribbons that tell this story My eyes long for the beauty of paradise scattered like sunflowers … Continue reading Seeking Wisdom

Humbled Hymns

  What wonders weave within silver skies strewn with stardust candid choices castigate lone lovers lost like lambs Brother, beneath broken leaves of burdock unrest undulates until the unlucky unite Dare to dash dilemmas Dare to dream Waiting with wavering wishes she silently serenades serenity kissing keys to the kingdom you yoke with a yeoman’s yearnings Together, tomorrow’s tale testifies with welcome and wonder Value … Continue reading Humbled Hymns


Time after time after time again I’ve thought of you thought of moments we shared thought of moments we’ve lost I’ve written a thousand letters I’ve composed a million notes I’ve had endless conversations in my head alone In some, I rant my accusations pointed In some, I bargain to lessen this distance between us In some, I weep — the loss of you too … Continue reading Unbroken


I whisper a prayer as you paint a song A confession beneath layers of paint A list of all that is deemed wrong Lyrics disguised as truth’s restraint A confession beneath layers of paint Unattached from behaviors you own Lyrics disguised as truth’s restraint Hidden in seeds of deception you’ve sown Unattached from behaviors you own Cries of the innocent are too strong No longer … Continue reading Justice

Capturing Hope

Once I climbed the walls of a canyon just to release my voice beneath a sky tinged with red velvet and rubies it echoed hollow and flat before returning to fill spaces and cracks and indigence replacing thoughts of emboldened bitterness The Milky Way created calligraphy in the dark and I captured my tears in a cup before offering up the distress I was bound … Continue reading Capturing Hope

Shared Meals

I’m sitting in my husband’s office, just off the busy kitchen of this grand hotel listening It’s alive, this engine of clanging pots and pans – it’s heartbeat Snippets of conversation, the hollering across this cavernous room – it’s voice The heart reveals itself more slowly, quietly Iiving in those who work this space I feel its warmth as they bring me warm plates of … Continue reading Shared Meals