World of Shade

Buried beneath these daily interactions silent struggles wait to be discovered Lies we portray as truth in transactions are waiting to reveal flaws yet uncovered While it’s true introspection can frighten, pride and impatience and this failure to grow impede efforts and ways to enlighten Call out each open secret, let it go Planted in a community garden these once silent battles will diminish Locked … Continue reading World of Shade


With one eye open and one eye shut, I am still… ready to receive answers I’ve been seeking In this quest for hope, for resolution, I am open…. listening to the quiet echoes of Truth Peace surrounds me, knowing it is your hand that holds mine I am ready… Here and now, always traveling this journey together photo: Free Flow Friday prompts: Free Flow Friday, … Continue reading Acceptance


Can’t quite put my finger on it This feeling lingering just out of reach as the world shifts again With arms flailing he could reach for something safe to hold as his head spins and spins What he once knew is gone What is just ahead is a mystery What could be ignites his soul Transformations abound touching everything and everyone that he holds dear … Continue reading Transformations