Broken Traditions

Time stood still in this place where that which was will always be Bitterness incubates as silent expectations ricochet across unanswered prayers A community borne of common misgivings bands together in unified disappointment   And in the name of change, those storm clouds gather   When the ways of old wrinkle, distorted by nuances some don’t understand the fabric of tradition tears and bleeds blackened … Continue reading Broken Traditions

Each Small Moment

  A quest for instant satisfaction drives fools to the edge, a rush of adrenaline to fuel fleeting desires wrapped in pretty packages It’s never enough to satisfy the need lurking just beneath Disjointed ambition pandering to greed, to need, to concede Settling for less when what the heart craves, what the heart knows, seems too daunting a task   Take time with the things … Continue reading Each Small Moment