Memories of Home

Unaware the world has turned, these keepers of past days move between stalls in the old barn, seeping into cracked beams, sweeping across rough-hewn floors, surveying acres of woods just beyond and return to rest in the remnants of hay there in the corner, dark and damp, until they become one with spirits of horses that once lived here Their love of this space permeates … Continue reading Memories of Home

Rainy Days

There’s humility in the rain that visits in the whispering shallows Here where the world is quiet and still, I listen I draw comfort from the steady drone that sounds like a heartbeat, here where drops of water weigh heavy on fragile petals They glisten like diamonds, like kaleidoscopes swirling And those tender blossoms? They accept the weight without effort, knowing it helps them to … Continue reading Rainy Days

Second Chances

We almost discarded it, the rickety dresser that couldn’t quite find its center It was covered in a fine layer of dust, the grime a testament to years of neglect Each drawer was more stuck than the last as if it knew salvation was out of reach, as if it understood there were better offerings, shiny and new, out there in the world somewhere Still… … Continue reading Second Chances

Beauty and Imperfection

Vulnerabilities as treasures collected Unafraid to begin again, again Masterpieces painted with each imperfection Mysteries hidden among the unexpected Celebrating those cracks every now and then Vulnerabilities as treasures collected With new eyes, we see the world as it was What is could be, all that we are making Unafraid to begin again, again Slipping through each flaw to rewrite those rules We are the … Continue reading Beauty and Imperfection

The Mind and Other Strange Creatures

The mind is a creature wandering in spaces between awe-inspiring light and absolute darkness It spools polychromatic prisms just to skew what we think of as real Perhaps to force us to think of things from a different point of view, it makes polka-dots of what was once striped and fragile that which was always armored And somewhere in those mystical margins we discover even … Continue reading The Mind and Other Strange Creatures

Erudite as Weakness

    They wield poison pens fancying themselves erudite erudite thirsty for power erudite scattering ignorance ignorance spread in minatory threads ignorance draped in a need for justice justice meted out by frigid hearts justice in desperate need of stark reflection reflection distorted in a puddle of shadows reflection disguising all that lies underneath underneath that need for revenge underneath that call for action action … Continue reading Erudite as Weakness

Little Ballerina

  Imagination stands in the road, conducting music, ubiquitous as a little girl dreams She is a prima ballerina dancing in the clouds Rain, no match as she clutches her skirt in her hands Her steps measured, softened by the mist Arabesque, En Avant, Chassé   Her arms hold a dozen invisible roses as she moves… chassé, chassé Skies simmer as she raises her sapling … Continue reading Little Ballerina


Greedy. Insatiable. Gluttonous purveyor of the unobtainable. A collector of knowledge stacked to the sky like a house of cards leaning into the wind. I devoured insight like a wolf scraping every bit from brittle bones. I consumed opportunities for observation until I lost sight. A sage devoid of soul. An attempt to grow stunted by failure to think outside that crystal box. My delight … Continue reading Arrogance

Family Ties

Elusive, like shadows in the water Static electricity that hums just before it sparks A vanishing point that disappears just beyond awareness There’s an invisibility to it, this connection A chain-reaction that builds as one after another after another is born to women who are sisters, to women who are daughters in a family creating its own legacy Bonds illuminated by the blood they share … Continue reading Family Ties

Going Home

Sometimes I slip back to that place where troubles can’t intrude My mother’s garden, filled with flowers and lace In need of respite from life’s fast pace I wander and let waves wash over this unsettled mood Sometimes I slip back to that place In search of comfort, it’s childhood footsteps I trace to release these problems I’ve accrued My mother’s garden, filled with flowers … Continue reading Going Home

Bitter Truths

At first touch, minute by minute worlds are created built on foundations made from words slipped from mouths tasting new experiences With focused attention lingering on the unimportant the solid base is just an illusion bidding time on shaking ground as idle hours, lost forever, pass by Ah, but the power these words hold Promises laid bare, warm and soft so blind to the possibility … Continue reading Bitter Truths

Proving Grounds

  Better to be lost than found slipping into places where hard lines blur Rhythmic denial expected, a final proving ground Languid days designed to confound as impish ways sacrifice succor Better to be lost than found Rough and raw experiences abound Lessons learned no matter what may occur Rhythmic denial expected, this final proving ground High-pitched screaming such an eerie sound when mixed with … Continue reading Proving Grounds

Silent Battles

She suffers in silence, alone Her outward appearance, deceptive as her body wages war on itself crippling joints, a slow-motion stranglehold   Her outward appearance, deceptive Some days are good while others succumb to that slow-motion stranglehold as it tightens its grip Her counter attack, a cornucopia of pills — yellow, pink, orange   Still, some days are good enough to balance those when she … Continue reading Silent Battles


From the outside looking in, it seemed innocuous a world within worlds, safe if not circumspect That’s the beauty of illusion Swirling colors hide the dirt beneath And so I fell down that rabbit hole and devoured each mushroom I could find, served on pristine doilies carefully covering plates laden with filth Tea, sugary sweet as it scalded my throat Oh, how the players beckoned, … Continue reading Madness


Thankful for her free spirit She is oblivious to the stares as knowing glances are exchanged and snarky smirks are barely disguised What does it say when those that remind our children to be kind delight tearing down the quirkiness of another? I suppose it is human nature, that fragile façade, to condemn those that are different from what society dictates as “normal” Hypocrisy lurks … Continue reading Hypocrisy

Mandated Reporter

Abandoned by the side of the congested street It was well used, faded red streamers ensnared in rusted handlebars whipping in the wind as if trying to capture freedom This child’s toy, a delicate identity, defined innocence and demanded notice discarded among overgrown shrubs and broken windows Careful observation of the world to which I belong tells stories I sometimes wish to ignore –  still, … Continue reading Mandated Reporter