Witness renewal born under burnt skies and frozen fields Strength finds stability on shaky ground And even as vernacular spews vulgarity in messages meant to disguise fear and longing growth takes hold And even as angels sigh weary from age-old battles growth takes hold It takes hold A young man will find his way and broken hearts will mend out there on vast oceans as … Continue reading Growth

Sweet Grace

  It was personal, that decision I made to honor the day my angel grew wings It was personal, your choice to throw shade Things you don’t know could be just about anything   What you see isn’t always what you get Easy to judge when a world is so small   A ray of hope, a light in my darkened room that tiny heartbeat … Continue reading Sweet Grace

Never Forget

Not so long ago, a world made of glass slowly reached an impasse At war with tenacious beliefs bolstered by the timidity of belief distorted They waited for dark times to pass Cracks begin to form — soon, a crevasse Devastation ensued en masse Repercussions sorted by leaders they’d once courted in this world made of glass Counting minutes passing through an hourglass Desperately hiding … Continue reading Never Forget

Flawed Recollection

Today becomes abstract as it is archived in the pages of history Destined to join the annals of long ago How much time must pass before the present becomes the past And flawed memories validate misrepresentation Quandaries and dilemmas so important in the here and now somehow become vague memories, inconsequential Solutions and agendas insistently employed start ripples of change that touch future days accepted, … Continue reading Flawed Recollection

Simply Truth

Truth exists whether acknowledged or refused Awesome in its power Brings the most brave man to his knees Brings the most timid man to his feet   Truth compels whether willingly or grudgingly Consuming in its reach Suppresses the most convincing denial Suppresses the most desperate plea   Truth demands whether graciously or wretchedly Boundless in its endowment Defines the most blurred boundary Defines the … Continue reading Simply Truth