La Gaudiere

Maybe it was the summer heat a perceptible shift from the mundane maybe it was the summer heat   first attempts washed away the stain a tentative push toward rebellion a perceptible shift from the mundane   tired of leaning backwards, of the Machiavellian a nudge to stiffen the spine and vent a tentative push toward rebellion   partial became whole with each voice of … Continue reading La Gaudiere

Each Small Moment

  A quest for instant satisfaction drives fools to the edge, a rush of adrenaline to fuel fleeting desires wrapped in pretty packages It’s never enough to satisfy the need lurking just beneath Disjointed ambition pandering to greed, to need, to concede Settling for less when what the heart craves, what the heart knows, seems too daunting a task   Take time with the things … Continue reading Each Small Moment


With parallel experiences, our lives are intertwined though you tend to get lost in spice and smoke, preferring to walk blind Your strong desire to please, a dangerous mission leads you astray These roads you follow, silent footsteps on a fool’s array Wander as you must, choices and consequences become solidly combined   Your blood running in mine, spirits before us whisper and remind our background, this … Continue reading Intertwined

Silent Detonation

Scenes played out, familiar but not quite intimate. A slight detachment between performers and audience, yet a story shared by many. Mutual connection separated by varying degrees of separation. If each experience is unique, is the collective result skewed? A responsibility to warn of dire consequences hangs in the air, drowning out voices repeating old lines   a silent witness unmasked as worlds come undone … Continue reading Silent Detonation

Strength in Innocence

When Innocence takes delicate matters by the hand intent on silencing screams between warring factions Time is forced to face Introspection on her witness stand Social contracts shredded by meaningless transactions Intent on silencing screams between warring factions she somehow understands all views cast in black and white… those social contracts shredded by meaningless transactions serve no purpose other than to destroy and incite This … Continue reading Strength in Innocence


Could it be that the sum of twisted experiences culminate in the ultimate self-sacrifice? When cords, those tenuous threads, that tie reality and perception together break a broken mind resists strangling tacit explanations as voices scream down every corridor She prefers to embrace anarchy as even simple beauty is swallowed by inky blackness Why else would there be a meadow of beautiful flowers growing in … Continue reading Breakdown

Skeleton Keys

Was it there all along? An invitation unopened beneath collections of correspondence unanswered, ignored, aggressively pushed away A smile behind tears tracing lines, carving sorrow Muddying waters in a whirlpool slowly pulling down, drowning in the place where light disappeared Sun shining brightly behind rolling storm clouds throwing daggers of electricity that incinerated everything it touched in a desperate inferno Was it there? A glimmer of hope … Continue reading Skeleton Keys

Moonlight Falls

A touch of moonlight falls casting shadows on empty walls Determined and strong she searches for a place to belong and wanders down empty halls Perplexed by the unfamiliar drawls she stumbles as momentum stalls pursuing a plan that might be wrong Moonlight falls A kiss of frost as memories recall promises made for the long haul Relentless ambition her torch song She was nothing … Continue reading Moonlight Falls

No Nevermind

Often alone, even on Visiting Day, she wandered the halls in her threadbare robe shuffling heel to toe, heel to toe and muttered nevermind, no nevermind, no Always following the same path driven by melodies of her youth she’d find a patch of sunlight there by the windows covered in bars the scent of roses overpowered the antiseptic the laughter of children blocked moans of … Continue reading No Nevermind


Stop don’t run away We can move mountains if you just stay Don’t run away we can find our way back believe and meet me midway We can move mountains with hope and whispered prayers we’ll throw coins in all the fountains If you stay the world can turn around we’ll right every promise betrayed Stay photo: Pixabay prompt: 2016 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day … Continue reading Stay

Counting to Ten

Catch my breath, count to ten waiting to make sense of the senseless Fact and fiction blend One more minute waiting two different ways to see life so sweet, if only my knees would stop shaking Three corners in the same angle four sides to every box I’ll take my chances time to disentangle Time ticking fast Hands gripping, conventions smashed Adventure, my new neighbor … Continue reading Counting to Ten


When the sun fades and I’m out roaming with ghosts I remember how it used to be back when it was you and me Never felt so lost and alone that night as I hung up the phone Waited for that single word the one I never heard Time’s tick, tick, ticking away Never been a better time for you to say Sorry, oh baby, … Continue reading Sorry

Love Story

He saw her in fractured time Spaces between pounding heartbeats defined in shards of reality and told the tale of the sacred and the profane On days when storms brewed behind her topaz eyes and her words set the world ablaze he shouldered the blame And in the night when she cried softly in dark spaces he cradled her fears and wiped away each tear … Continue reading Love Story

September Nights

Tell me you’ll find me in each September sunset even as I travel this world far and wide Need the comfort your memory provides Some things you never forget Long walks under falling leaves we made future plans Amidst the starlight, we created romance Crafted stories I still believe Somehow you knew the right questions to all the answers I thought I found Painted a … Continue reading September Nights

Brothers in Spirit

They were brothers in spirit Been friends forever, never found one without the other Always there for each other, even when dark times came to visit Belief and trust were implicit Caught between broken barriers and abandoned words They tried to find their way, letting shattered promises ricochet Worked to hide the hurt as crying voices went unheard Had to look deep to find the … Continue reading Brothers in Spirit

Roots of Life

Beside the gnarled knuckled branches of that old tree long since devoid of lush leaves on outstretched fingers a tender sapling reached for the light Soaking in the warmth of morning sun, weathering afternoon rains It set roots to await the wind that would surely blow disguised under the wings of a gentle breeze The whirlwind began slowly, swirling around the base of the sapling … Continue reading Roots of Life


We fight to live we fight to love we expect nothing as the first phase of the revolution grows Finding each other to join forces despite chaos swirling like storms that create thick smoke and broken mirrors the attraction between like minds can not be denied We fight to live hard we fight to love hard we expect nothing less as the feeding frenzy surrounding … Continue reading Revolution

The Writer’s Apron

Each day as she wakes and fastens an old apron around her waist Stained from years of use, its deep pocket, almost threadbare and ripped holds treasures of a lifetime Unseen by casual observers, it’s the receptacle of her creations For, as she meanders through each day, it’s the receptacle for her metaphors and rhymes Watching from her small corner of the word, she gathers … Continue reading The Writer’s Apron