It begins with a single voice and then another and another united as one Together we build a world where love is stronger than hate Some call it revolution these things we do that others won’t Knowing our actions build our world, I call it by another name Humanity Photo: Wikimedia Prompt: #MadVerse Continue reading Humanity


Below the city’s cobblestones, it shifted, restless and hungry Its assault knew no bounds I never saw it coming Intent on satisfying a lust for chaos, it lingered in the night calling my name And I, already astray on tumultuous seas, sought refuge on its false oasis, believing its promise of safety Its lighthouse, sweeping lights spewing gentle rage, deceived this lonely sailor desperately grasping … Continue reading Betrayal

After the Rain

After the rain it all looked different, a reprieve Those city streets covered in grease and grime sparkling just enough to make us believe   Cracked and broken sidewalks glistened on a midsummer’s eve almost beautiful, washed clean of blood and crime After the rain it all looked different, a reprieve   That driving storm hid mothers who grieve Strobes of police lights fading in … Continue reading After the Rain

Skeleton Keys

Was it there all along? An invitation unopened beneath collections of correspondence unanswered, ignored, aggressively pushed away A smile behind tears tracing lines, carving sorrow Muddying waters in a whirlpool slowly pulling down, drowning in the place where light disappeared Sun shining brightly behind rolling storm clouds throwing daggers of electricity that incinerated everything it touched in a desperate inferno Was it there? A glimmer of hope … Continue reading Skeleton Keys


Haunted by this uncertain feeling I dream of running, running away Visions of another life, revealing   And so I teeter on the edge, kneeling Finding purchase on glass bridges as they sway Haunted by this uncertain feeling   A future reflected in canyons below… calling, squealing Released from confines of expectations, I stray Visions of another life, revealing   Walking in shadows and slowly … Continue reading Resolution

No Nevermind

Often alone, even on Visiting Day, she wandered the halls in her threadbare robe shuffling heel to toe, heel to toe and muttered nevermind, no nevermind, no Always following the same path driven by melodies of her youth she’d find a patch of sunlight there by the windows covered in bars the scent of roses overpowered the antiseptic the laughter of children blocked moans of … Continue reading No Nevermind


With one eye open and one eye shut, I am still… ready to receive answers I’ve been seeking In this quest for hope, for resolution, I am open…. listening to the quiet echoes of Truth Peace surrounds me, knowing it is your hand that holds mine I am ready… Here and now, always traveling this journey together photo: Free Flow Friday prompts: Free Flow Friday, … Continue reading Acceptance


When the sun fades and I’m out roaming with ghosts I remember how it used to be back when it was you and me Never felt so lost and alone that night as I hung up the phone Waited for that single word the one I never heard Time’s tick, tick, ticking away Never been a better time for you to say Sorry, oh baby, … Continue reading Sorry

Love Story

He saw her in fractured time Spaces between pounding heartbeats defined in shards of reality and told the tale of the sacred and the profane On days when storms brewed behind her topaz eyes and her words set the world ablaze he shouldered the blame And in the night when she cried softly in dark spaces he cradled her fears and wiped away each tear … Continue reading Love Story

Haunted Muse

  Footsteps echoed through the empty station and voices of long ago bounced off cold, tiled walls Enjoying a moment alone, a respite from a chaotic life, she willed the sunlight that kissed her face to inspire her next journey A deep, low whistle broke her reverie as harried passengers left one train for another and others passed by with unseeing eyes She winked at … Continue reading Haunted Muse

Living Nightmares

She heard the thunder but never felt the rain It rumbled and rolled through her chest and shook the ground beneath her bare feet but not a drop fell from that steel grey sky She witnessed the crash but never saw the impact It exploded in squealing tires seeking purchase and shattering glass raining on her unprotected body but not a sliver fell from that spider-webbed … Continue reading Living Nightmares

Sorrow’s Touch

Sorrow’s touch surprises in unexpected ways in unexpected places When the theft of happier days steers the course of a life, the journey twists, unique in its unfolding Sometimes for the very lucky that hollow loss makes room for healing if expectations are released Even when a lone wolf howls, haunting and mournful from the top of the coldest mountain, a chorus of voices readily … Continue reading Sorrow’s Touch