If We Were Having Coffee, November 3rd

If we were having coffee today, November 3rd, I’d invite you to sit at the table with me. The day is bright and beautiful, but November’s chill has arrived. It’s a perfect time of year. As we shared some of the pastries from our local bakery, I’d confess that I’m happy October is behind us. It was a difficult month with a lot happening in … Continue reading If We Were Having Coffee, November 3rd


A  sliver of light from beneath a heavy door shimmering, inviting, captivating I crept closer and closer still I reached for the key and turned it with trembling fingers I felt the tumblers fall I twisted the unresponsive handle and twisted again Looking for another key, looking for a way out A sliver of light from beneath a heavy door shimmering, inviting, captivating I bathed … Continue reading Tenacity

If We Were Having Coffee, September 15, 2019

If we were having coffee today, September 15th, I’d invite you to sit with me in the backyard. It’s a stunningly beautiful day — one that’s like a last stand against the chilly weather that is sure to follow. Have an espresso and a cookie while I tell you about an event that my husband and I participated in yesterday. It was the 2019 Walk … Continue reading If We Were Having Coffee, September 15, 2019

On Second Thought

A moment to be wistful to linger in the in-between, caught by spectacular vistas and rising tides Searching for solace by sunflower petals, faded and tristful tenuous steps shaken by sorrow’s onslaught a moment to be wistful Releasing rainbows, the god’s hand abides with wisdom to reach a soul destined to linger in the in-between, caught Burdens lifted by simple beauty a chance to renew, … Continue reading On Second Thought

If We Were Having Coffee, April 20, 2019

If we were having coffee today, April 20th, I’d invite you to sit in the backyard with me. The weather has finally turned and even though it’s has been a bit rainy, the fresh air feels refreshing. As we sipped our coffee and enjoyed this delicious cinnamon bread, I’d tell you how very busy I’ve been and ask what you’ve been up to lately. We … Continue reading If We Were Having Coffee, April 20, 2019

If We Were Having Coffee, March 17th

If we were having coffee today, March 17th, I’d invite you in for some coffee and cornbread. My husband made it. It’s delicious! He’s busy right now making corned beef and cabbage in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. Perhaps you’ll stay for dinner. We’d love to have you. As we sipped our expresso, I’d tell you how happy I am that spring is almost here. … Continue reading If We Were Having Coffee, March 17th

If We Were Having Coffee, February 3rd

If we were having coffee today, February 3rd, I’d invite you in and share some of these delicious gingersnap cookies. They’ll go perfectly with our cappuccinos. Don’t mind Rocco. He’s been extra cuddly lately, along with Little Kitty. Must be the cold. I’d ask how you’ve been faring during this polar vortex. It’s been brutal! I’d show you the pictures I took of the water … Continue reading If We Were Having Coffee, February 3rd

Seeking Wisdom

“I talk to God but the sky is empty.” – Sylvia Plath I seek wisdom in the sawdust falling gently beneath the polished mahogany bowl you carved with loving hands for it is not the finished product but rather the blood, sweat, and tears buried deep within its caviar ribbons that tell this story My eyes long for the beauty of paradise scattered like sunflowers … Continue reading Seeking Wisdom

If We Were Having Coffee, October 7th

If we were having coffee today, October 7th, I’d invite you in and share some of this delicious cinnamon-raisin bread. Just the smell of it is enough to make your mouth water. I’d show you the latest stack of books I received from Scholastic. I think I order more than the students do each month. I can’t help it….I’m a bit of a bookaholic. Speaking … Continue reading If We Were Having Coffee, October 7th

Weekend Coffee Share, September 23rd

  If we were having coffee today, September 23rd, I’d invite you to visit with me in my home office. You can sit in my favorite rocking chair. We’ll use the mugs my husband brought home from Channel 8. He does cooking segments there on a pretty regular basis. You’ll see the cats enjoying the new cat tree I recently installed, and of course, Rocco … Continue reading Weekend Coffee Share, September 23rd


Both a blessing and a curse these lives we lead… knowing rules are not meant to be broken, only bent as unintended forces apply just enough heat to make them pliable   And as we journey across time and space and experiences, it becomes inevitable, this drive to pause and reflect, knowing the next rest stop may forever be out of reach   Such is … Continue reading Community


Arcs of lightning slash the night sky bright flashes bring the storm into view cascading rains wash the air delicately caressing spirits of renewal in even those stubbornly clinging to trauma forged in enmity and loss gorged on the energy that created this tempest harnessing that power until it all breaks free, breaks free just as the mournful began to lose hope knighted and anointed … Continue reading Renewal

Capturing Hope

Once I climbed the walls of a canyon just to release my voice beneath a sky tinged with red velvet and rubies it echoed hollow and flat before returning to fill spaces and cracks and indigence replacing thoughts of emboldened bitterness The Milky Way created calligraphy in the dark and I captured my tears in a cup before offering up the distress I was bound … Continue reading Capturing Hope


Inside my second destiny the world is touch and go blessed by creativity and cursed by the wear and tear of whys and wherefores navigating stepping stones between pretty pools and violent seas knowing I’m seconds away from drowning in dreams that are all at once innocent and maniacal taunting with signposts painted in invisible ink labelled This Way To Your Future photo: mine prompts: … Continue reading Inbetween


  Sometimes you have to trust in tradition Believe in patterns of blood-red rose petals crisscrossing cold slate tiles in hallowed halls   There, images in stained glass windows sparkle and whisper believe, believe and while the words uttered from a cracked pulpit by a man whose sermon cracks with utterances of misdeed may not ring true to ears well worn by time and experience, … Continue reading Heresy

Love Perseveres

knowing in loneliness knowing in loving   She waits   balancing the distance between nowhere and here   She waits   points on a map disappear as time nullifies miles and minutes and minutia   she wages war against desperation and wills the waves to stop rolling   and waits   standing alone as cold winds blow she feels the warmth of Spring   even … Continue reading Love Perseveres

On Wings

I found myself in the ruins again a barren landscape, that wasteland of the past somehow both haunting and familiar The angel on my shoulder endeavored to find reprieve as I struggled to breathe, struggled to find the horizon She stirred stagnant air, beating torn wings with the honed perfection unending practice brings My constant companion, albeit sometimes under protest, she whispered advice knowing I … Continue reading On Wings

Winter Doldrums

  As night arrives on the wings of ravens black and unforgiving winter’s chill settles in my bones like broken glass I retreat Within my inner sanctum age creeps slowly layer upon layer like the blankets that surround me Alone and frail succumbing to isolation without a promise of reprieve burdens carve lines in once tender skin I hibernate Silent voices whisper words not meant … Continue reading Winter Doldrums


Of blood and sacrifice and curiosity for what may be I wonder if it is worth the price of blood and sacrifice This gift of slanted hope must suffice as I travel alone on a tumultuous sea of blood and sacrifice and curiosity for what may be   photo: mine (Block Island, RI)   prompts: MLMM Music Prompt Challenge, Yes Poetry, #SWPrompt, November PAD 14, … Continue reading Journeys

Ode to a Kiss

Gifted by time’s sweet perspective, twists and turns defined a solitary kiss To heal the hurt, his simple objective a lingering embrace, a rescue from the abyss And in that moment when time stood still, when faith and trust meant letting go I felt these intentions of his A connection meant to chase away that chill A chance to erase the trials of long ago … Continue reading Ode to a Kiss

Gift of Indecision

It’s a blessing, this indecision No more hesitating to count what’s mine although a tear may blur my vision This choice, a final baseline No more hesitating to count what’s mine I’ll erase those mistakes and call it revision This choice, my final baseline for a future free of derision I’ll erase those mistakes and call it revision Surely a gift from above, some kind … Continue reading Gift of Indecision

Healing Hands

In the end, hands told the story a common denominator among the dying   Some clenched in anger or pain or both grasping sweat-soaked sheets on a rented hospital bed that had taken over the room where family meals used to be shared white gladiolas, long neglected, wilt in an empty vase   Some folded to accompany fervent prayers offered by a minister speaking in … Continue reading Healing Hands


the power of memories a trip to what had been I let go I surrendered   the power of a song a reminder of what had been I heard echoes of laughter I danced with ghosts   burdens of today weigh heavy a prison made from scars I needed to slip away I cast a lifeline to yesterday   If for a moment, relief   … Continue reading Nostalgia

Before Flight

I suppose it’s well enough for now this departure from reality It’s well enough for now Ensconced in a world of strained repartee true believers cast a spell, an ordination in this departure from reality Packaged and sold as one’s vocation Weak and weary accept the transition as true believers cast that spell, an ordination Fact and fiction dance in this place, a juxtaposition and … Continue reading Before Flight


Sometimes illusion eviscerates expectation like reverse reflections mirroring shattering glass Defiant, the faithful pursue unattainable goals embracing intent to entice new roles Wading into dark and deep crevices that lurk outside defined boundaries some are waylaid on hidden shoals sinking deeper into predetermined holes But for some who dare to fly with clipped wings those jagged shards cast shimmering points of light A beacon when … Continue reading Courage