Never Forget

Not so long ago, a world made of glass slowly reached an impasse At war with tenacious beliefs bolstered by the timidity of belief distorted They waited for dark times to pass Cracks begin to form — soon, a crevasse Devastation ensued en masse Repercussions sorted by leaders they’d once courted in this world made of glass Counting minutes passing through an hourglass Desperately hiding … Continue reading Never Forget

Wake Up

In the spirit of Halloween… Fog’s rolling in those giants brewing up trouble potent potions bubble over fires stoked with bones and rubble The air is thick that smoke slowly smothering ethereal shapes suffering over cries cut short witches sputtering In the midst of terror awareness pins salvation somewhere above the din Escape from this nightmare for those willing to try garnered with simple electricity … Continue reading Wake Up

Build A Bridge

Because life can turn you Upside down and Inside out, leading you astray Learn to build bridges Don’t delay Anything is possible Before too much slips away Remember this won’t last forever Instead of memorializing mistakes and Dates spent in the muck Go on, build that bridge Everything is new once you get unstuck photo:Pixabay prompts: Poets on the Page, Five Minute Friday/Write 31 Days, … Continue reading Build A Bridge

Whistle Stop

Dismissed as idle waves dangerous demigods preach denouncing the logic I crave delivering falsehoods in every speech Is there any hope if one is blindly followed in desperate attempts to cope its poison willingly swallowed So many flaws in the plastic veneer subtle messages and direct threats combine sadly mobs emulate that sneer stepping over every line Off that cliff we go overturned by misperception … Continue reading Whistle Stop


Ssshh…. Come closer I’ve got a secret It’s over, I’ve found closure All the times you told me dreams were meant for fools and I believed you, I believed you Yeah, I obeyed all the rules Wasn’t it a slow spiral that spin down the wrong path almost lost my way following you almost let my hopes crash But then I took a chance pinned … Continue reading Ssshh…

Lost Souls

As darkness settles in, the moon casting light on this barren landscape, my grief weighs heavy rendering my skin porous, my reason to be spilling from a heart that bleeds As the sun creeps over that endless horizon, mocking me, mocking I muddle through the day searching for ways to stop the evening call from arriving because it is each sleepless night that haunts me, … Continue reading Lost Souls


With one eye open and one eye shut, I am still… ready to receive answers I’ve been seeking In this quest for hope, for resolution, I am open…. listening to the quiet echoes of Truth Peace surrounds me, knowing it is your hand that holds mine I am ready… Here and now, always traveling this journey together photo: Free Flow Friday prompts: Free Flow Friday, … Continue reading Acceptance

Blazing Fires

Traced the trail of fallen stars smoldering on the path of all the things I’ve left behind Felt that familiar tingle as those melancholy-hued flares cauterized my choices, incinerating regrets Oh, how those stars burn, burn, burn scorching the surface of wayward dreams solving solutions to riddles that never had answers Sometimes a spark is enough to seek a new constellation, one no longer obscured … Continue reading Blazing Fires

Walk in the Morning

I slipped out the door to explore the darkness still holding dear to early morning hours Guided by a luminous moon I followed the path, soothed by silence as the world around me slept Reaching the place where soft waves caressed the waiting shore, everything became suddenly new Things that are and yet could be seemed insignificant when viewed beneath a painted sky Unforeseen and … Continue reading Walk in the Morning

Summer Wind

Something about the summer wind soothes my restless heart Endless days fade gently into cool nights as I unwrap the long winter’s cloak from my shoulders, no longer weary from its weight And so I wake to welcome each stunning sunrise, awed by the glorious colors that paint the sky Even long shadows cast possibilities on this sleepy town, still damp with morning dew The … Continue reading Summer Wind

Living Nightmares

She heard the thunder but never felt the rain It rumbled and rolled through her chest and shook the ground beneath her bare feet but not a drop fell from that steel grey sky She witnessed the crash but never saw the impact It exploded in squealing tires seeking purchase and shattering glass raining on her unprotected body but not a sliver fell from that spider-webbed … Continue reading Living Nightmares

Sour Grapes

That I take umbrage would be insufficient a description of behavior that fuels fires burning beneath my cauldron red-hot with rage How my blood boils incited by accusations uttered by those who only know abuse of power while collecting souls of the naïve Speaking from both sides of one mouth, they condemn freely while encouraging deceit openly Daring the concourse to slip and disavow the … Continue reading Sour Grapes

Sleepy Saturday

Sometimes the fog is a blessing shielding our eyes from light too bright Blurring the edges, it envelopes gently like a lover’s sweet embrace It’s approach, slow-motion tendrils billowing across open water Quieting the noise, it invites release likely building for far too long Come walk with me along the coast we’ll surrender our troubles together Renewing our spirits, the fog soothes like a salve … Continue reading Sleepy Saturday


Emerging from the depths of endless mourning she whispered a quiet prayer Imploring the universe, all at once cruel and somehow comforting, to guide her in this unfamiliar place to heal her forever fractured heart to find peace, bittersweet peace one step at a time photo: Pixabay prompt: MadVerse 637 Continue reading Solitude