Winter Doldrums

  As night arrives on the wings of ravens black and unforgiving winter’s chill settles in my bones like broken glass I retreat Within my inner sanctum age creeps slowly layer upon layer like the blankets that surround me Alone and frail succumbing to isolation without a promise of reprieve burdens carve lines in once tender skin I hibernate Silent voices whisper words not meant … Continue reading Winter Doldrums

Winter’s Grasp

To the dark and dreary, I acquiesce A steel grey sky harbors silence, grieving and I regress, lost in proper pain and process Aware as storm clouds gather, scheming A steel grey sky harbors silence, streaming and of hummingbirds and summer’s warmth, I obsess to chase away this chill I’m feeling Poking at demons dancing in lukewarm tea without success And of hummingbirds and summer’s … Continue reading Winter’s Grasp

Defying Winter

When the view from everyday life is overwhelming and the familiar becomes strange I long to feel the sun burning my tender skin again, just to feel alive When the same street below is vacant and dreary and the cold seeps in, somehow penetrating shuttered windows and closed doors, and the only sound is suffocating  silence… Silence… I slip and fall Silence…as treacherous as that … Continue reading Defying Winter