If We Were Having Coffee, March 17th

If we were having coffee today, March 17th, I’d invite you in for some coffee and cornbread. My husband made it. It’s delicious! He’s busy right now making corned beef and cabbage in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. Perhaps you’ll stay for dinner. We’d love to have you. As we sipped our expresso, I’d tell you how happy I am that spring is almost here. … Continue reading If We Were Having Coffee, March 17th

Defying Winter

When the view from everyday life is overwhelming and the familiar becomes strange I long to feel the sun burning my tender skin again, just to feel alive When the same street below is vacant and dreary and the cold seeps in, somehow penetrating shuttered windows and closed doors, and the only sound is suffocating  silence… Silence… I slip and fall Silence…as treacherous as that … Continue reading Defying Winter

Skeleton Keys

Was it there all along? An invitation unopened beneath collections of correspondence unanswered, ignored, aggressively pushed away A smile behind tears tracing lines, carving sorrow Muddying waters in a whirlpool slowly pulling down, drowning in the place where light disappeared Sun shining brightly behind rolling storm clouds throwing daggers of electricity that incinerated everything it touched in a desperate inferno Was it there? A glimmer of hope … Continue reading Skeleton Keys

3 Days 3 Quotes Challenge – Day 1

Thank you to Hannah for nominating me. Check out her blog at 2B Or Not 2B. I’ll ty to choose quotes from some of my favorite poems that seemed to touch people. Please feel free to share! The rules of the 3 Day, 3 Quote Challenge are as follows: Write three quotes each day for three days. Nominate three nominees per day. (Restrain from repetition). … Continue reading 3 Days 3 Quotes Challenge – Day 1