New Day

Finding comfort in simple routines at the end of a busy day Somehow settling down to review each moment, each decision, each word Filling the void of all the unknown with stunning masterpieces only painted in dreams all troubles are set free and in the morning, when all those colors linger just out of reach, I am ready to face another blank canvas — Another … Continue reading New Day


With one eye open and one eye shut, I am still… ready to receive answers I’ve been seeking In this quest for hope, for resolution, I am open…. listening to the quiet echoes of Truth Peace surrounds me, knowing it is your hand that holds mine I am ready… Here and now, always traveling this journey together photo: Free Flow Friday prompts: Free Flow Friday, … Continue reading Acceptance

Brothers in Spirit

They were brothers in spirit Been friends forever, never found one without the other Always there for each other, even when dark times came to visit Belief and trust were implicit Caught between broken barriers and abandoned words They tried to find their way, letting shattered promises ricochet Worked to hide the hurt as crying voices went unheard Had to look deep to find the … Continue reading Brothers in Spirit

Without Fear

Couldn’t be more different from the space where she found refuge Landing in a world of polished beauty, hers was delicate In that place of obvious strength, hers was subtle While their beauty was celebrated in colors and shine, hers held golden memories Still, they surrounded her in a welcoming embrace appreciating the symbiosis diversity brings unafraid of the sting of the unknown In her … Continue reading Without Fear

Walk in the Morning

I slipped out the door to explore the darkness still holding dear to early morning hours Guided by a luminous moon I followed the path, soothed by silence as the world around me slept Reaching the place where soft waves caressed the waiting shore, everything became suddenly new Things that are and yet could be seemed insignificant when viewed beneath a painted sky Unforeseen and … Continue reading Walk in the Morning

What If

What if those iron bars that surround you were nothing more than gossamer threads, shredded remnants of broken dreams still projecting the illusion of captivity What if… What if that touchstone you treasured for all those years, revered and held by insignificant power, now fell buried in the muck, dull and cracked What if… What if what was, isn’t What if what was, never was … Continue reading What If

Broken Compass

  And when the elements of what makes a life meaningful collapse and the compass you, yourself, created is guided by a broken needle, those questions you’ve been avoiding must be asked Forever isn’t found in yesterday and tomorrow holds no promise unless you find the strength to revise your true purpose and revive those lost intentions patiently waiting to guide you back to a … Continue reading Broken Compass

Summer Rain

The power of the summer rain falls from angry skies harnessing energy in storms meant to reset the horizon Most seek shelter hiding from the winds that blow but not the wanderer, not the wanderer He dances with his demons in the unforgiving deluge Traveling alone with nothing left to lose those dark clouds reflect his journey He’s left another suitcase in another hall, packed … Continue reading Summer Rain

Seeking Bridges

When the sound of a slamming door echoes for too long, it reveals truths only a healed heart can hear Because before it closed, it framed the gateway to promises made and dreams held, somehow innocent in intention Because as it closed, it carried the weight of differences unreconciled and frailty revealed, somehow reinforced in anger Because after it closed, it defined the difference of … Continue reading Seeking Bridges

Summer Wind

Something about the summer wind soothes my restless heart Endless days fade gently into cool nights as I unwrap the long winter’s cloak from my shoulders, no longer weary from its weight And so I wake to welcome each stunning sunrise, awed by the glorious colors that paint the sky Even long shadows cast possibilities on this sleepy town, still damp with morning dew The … Continue reading Summer Wind


Lost in the melancholy of inevitable goodbyes, each breath was an effort, burning bridges with shades of fire that lit a backdrop of regret and second guesses Suspended in indecision, choices were hers to make And so she floated, if only to give opportunity to revelation patiently waiting to be discovered… a pinpoint of light flickering in the depth of endless stars When her head … Continue reading Fireflies


Stuck in a perpetual dress rehearsal she dances until her feet bleed, examining missteps as she strives for perfection, a new test If she could rewrite history and choreograph a new routine, her recovery would reveal a grand curtain call as her spotlight fades into the sunset photo: Pixabay prompts: Verse Reversal, Drug Verse, Wylde Verse, Madverse Continue reading Spotlight