If We Were Having Coffee, January 12th

If we were having coffee today, January 12th, I’d invite you in to have some freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies. We finished the Christmas cookies last week but you’d see some stray decorations still strewn about. It seems to take longer to put them away each year than to drag them out. I’d tell you how much I enjoy the start of the new year and … Continue reading If We Were Having Coffee, January 12th

If We Were Having Coffee, December 1st

If we were having coffee today, December 1st, I’d invite you in and offer a piece of the banana-nut bread I made this morning. We can listen to Chaka Khan’s Classikhan. It’s the perfect accompaniment to a quiet Saturday afternoon. I’d ask you about your Thanksgiving and tell you about mine. I spent most of the day with our five-year-old granddaughter. We read books and … Continue reading If We Were Having Coffee, December 1st

Weekend Coffee Share, September 23rd

  If we were having coffee today, September 23rd, I’d invite you to visit with me in my home office. You can sit in my favorite rocking chair. We’ll use the mugs my husband brought home from Channel 8. He does cooking segments there on a pretty regular basis. You’ll see the cats enjoying the new cat tree I recently installed, and of course, Rocco … Continue reading Weekend Coffee Share, September 23rd


In a time set long ago before clocks ticked away minutes and days stretched long, anticipating adventures yet created, gratitude was a sun-soaked sky and the aroma of freshly cut grass filling the air Simple was enough and knowing nothing else, I was thankful In a time set by clocks sounding alarms for the weary and days marked by misadventures, stretching far and wide gratitude was … Continue reading Gratitude

Defying Winter

When the view from everyday life is overwhelming and the familiar becomes strange I long to feel the sun burning my tender skin again, just to feel alive When the same street below is vacant and dreary and the cold seeps in, somehow penetrating shuttered windows and closed doors, and the only sound is suffocating  silence… Silence… I slip and fall Silence…as treacherous as that … Continue reading Defying Winter


With one eye open and one eye shut, I am still… ready to receive answers I’ve been seeking In this quest for hope, for resolution, I am open…. listening to the quiet echoes of Truth Peace surrounds me, knowing it is your hand that holds mine I am ready… Here and now, always traveling this journey together photo: Free Flow Friday prompts: Free Flow Friday, … Continue reading Acceptance

Blazing Fires

Traced the trail of fallen stars smoldering on the path of all the things I’ve left behind Felt that familiar tingle as those melancholy-hued flares cauterized my choices, incinerating regrets Oh, how those stars burn, burn, burn scorching the surface of wayward dreams solving solutions to riddles that never had answers Sometimes a spark is enough to seek a new constellation, one no longer obscured … Continue reading Blazing Fires

Summer Rain

The power of the summer rain falls from angry skies harnessing energy in storms meant to reset the horizon Most seek shelter hiding from the winds that blow but not the wanderer, not the wanderer He dances with his demons in the unforgiving deluge Traveling alone with nothing left to lose those dark clouds reflect his journey He’s left another suitcase in another hall, packed … Continue reading Summer Rain


Lost in the melancholy of inevitable goodbyes, each breath was an effort, burning bridges with shades of fire that lit a backdrop of regret and second guesses Suspended in indecision, choices were hers to make And so she floated, if only to give opportunity to revelation patiently waiting to be discovered… a pinpoint of light flickering in the depth of endless stars When her head … Continue reading Fireflies


Stuck in a perpetual dress rehearsal she dances until her feet bleed, examining missteps as she strives for perfection, a new test If she could rewrite history and choreograph a new routine, her recovery would reveal a grand curtain call as her spotlight fades into the sunset photo: Pixabay prompts: Verse Reversal, Drug Verse, Wylde Verse, Madverse Continue reading Spotlight

Changing Tides

Because even the most jagged rock is smoothed in time, burnished by tumultuous seas and polished by gentle waves that follow, I will wait on salt-sprayed shores Because even the most fierce storm is spent in time, stripped by prevailing winds and dissipated by soft rains that follow, I will stand beneath threatening skies Because even the most well-planned voyage is rerouted in time, upended … Continue reading Changing Tides

Teen-Aged Memories

Exploring the world with the bravado of youth we traversed days with intention I still feel the heat oozing from hot pavement as we logged miles on flimsy flip-flops aggressively moving toward no place in particular I remember the rush of dancing on the dark side meeting at that old bridge to grab bottles left just underneath gifted by boys not much older I remember … Continue reading Teen-Aged Memories

Roots of Life

Beside the gnarled knuckled branches of that old tree long since devoid of lush leaves on outstretched fingers a tender sapling reached for the light Soaking in the warmth of morning sun, weathering afternoon rains It set roots to await the wind that would surely blow disguised under the wings of a gentle breeze The whirlwind began slowly, swirling around the base of the sapling … Continue reading Roots of Life