Last Chance

I faced my last chance out there balancing on the edge Wind whipping, biting at exposed flesh The storm was brewing I teetered, I swayed as this last chance uncovered fleeting moments of clarity A break in darkened skies Once vacant eyes sought this last chance that beckoned illuminated by white hot lightning that pierced the heavy air I embraced renewal designed by this last … Continue reading Last Chance


Delayed for far too long I yearn for your warmth Dreaming of long walks in forests as you awaken, erupting with life anew Rejoicing with visions of jumping in muddy puddles after your soft rains fall Joining the group by the pier, I will wait to watch you paint your scarlet sunsets The silence between us is over Enough time waiting, I celebrate your return … Continue reading Anticipation


It happens quietly under the broad moonlight that lights a forest kissed by freshly fallen snow The finger of each Higher Power gently guides and determines the energy needed to reach that dormant seed waiting beneath a carpet of decaying leaves With tender shoots hinting at a brave heart and strength belied by inconsequential size that seed accepts the blessing offering a fragile bloom in … Continue reading Bravery


He sits on his appointed throne, throwing bones on the fire He knows no cold, no discomfort Sits back to watch the flames grow and cast shadows on neighboring walls Just beyond his darkness, children shiver Safe within crumbling cornerstones, traces of forgotten obligations ignite There is no remorse, no contrition as he slips unseen to watch the blaze envelop and create chaos in sanctified … Continue reading Indifference


We fight to live we fight to love we expect nothing as the first phase of the revolution grows Finding each other to join forces despite chaos swirling like storms that create thick smoke and broken mirrors the attraction between like minds can not be denied We fight to live hard we fight to love hard we expect nothing less as the feeding frenzy surrounding … Continue reading Revolution


Crafted in delicate layers, luscious notes of creativity intertwine, pulling writer and reader together and for a moment, a fleeting moment, they are one As the writer creates worlds and stories, drawn from some magical place within, characters come to life, breathing passion onto each page, and for a moment they are one In an act that is by definition solitary, tales are told and … Continue reading One

Raging Rivers

Like cold air settling in, settling on, stealing away each remnant of summer’s warmth, realization of divergent paths awakened in waves faster than the swift water that tumbled over the stones we laid in the stream by our house Chilled as we were, we stacked each log on that fire, trying to stoke hidden embers buried in mountains of cooled ash Smoke signaled our demise, … Continue reading Raging Rivers

The Writer’s Apron

Each day as she wakes and fastens an old apron around her waist Stained from years of use, its deep pocket, almost threadbare and ripped holds treasures of a lifetime Unseen by casual observers, it’s the receptacle of her creations For, as she meanders through each day, it’s the receptacle for her metaphors and rhymes Watching from her small corner of the word, she gathers … Continue reading The Writer’s Apron


When the rising winds blow and sweep away the setting sun twilight comes calling transforming landscapes to leave promises in fallen shadows As day becomes night and that star in the western sky dies, smoldering like a swarm of iron sparks, regret shatters the fading light like hammer blows on a crystal prism Before the dark hands of midnight close around the throat of the … Continue reading Twilight

Changing Notes

Slowly seduced as music fills the air The call to action beckons Chasing passion to find tomorrow’s promise Steady drumbeats awaken new desires Words and melodies intertwine Creating a playlist, creating a path No more stars under glass No more dreams on the shelf No longer afraid to explore what hurts the most Surreptitiously shedding bad notes New songs explode, illuminating the darkest night Channeling … Continue reading Changing Notes

A Writer’s Journey

Slipping loose from the daily routine she embarked on a journey of reckless endangerment to empower the voices that lived in her head Stepping outside that comfort zone she banned kindness and embraced sins of the past if only to provide a fresh perspective Digging deep into the grimy landscapes of her subconscious she sought inspiration from ghosts that haunted her memories seeking a new … Continue reading A Writer’s Journey

The Artist

She lived on the edges, shadow dancing in negative spaces Although she was chary of trying anything unfamiliar her waldosia helped her find faith Sometimes, that smiling face in the crowd provided enough aether to alter perspectives She prowled in the dark exploring blindly, trusting intuition Although she’d grown accustomed to this solitary life her faith helped her find hope Sometimes, that hushed voice rising … Continue reading The Artist

Breaking Clocks

In a world devoid of color, she labored daily punching a time-clock that measured each moment in a monochrome slide, driving her further into the ground Burying aspiration, slaughtering ambition in the factory of broken dreams Like a makeshift reaper gathering a bouquet of dead blossoms, each shift mocked a life that could have been Her ashen skin too fragile from years spent within windowless … Continue reading Breaking Clocks


I hear your voice phantom whispering in the night holds the darkness, chases the light Keeps me locked in this prison of grief I track lonely hours weary minutes that are infinite scrapes my soul, steals relief Keeps me tangled in this web of misery I feel the emptiness powerful entity that supersedes life itself orchestrates leaden hands, directs empty intentions Keeps me submerged in this … Continue reading Beloved

Autumn Fire

When the sun sets low in the afternoon sky and the world is painted with brushes dipped in blood red and gilded edges the solitary grackle glides between purple shadows The slow fires emerging on the horizon can’t be doused nor quieted, only muted by the furious rain that washes away warmth that was Summer As the scent of woodsmoke fills the air and whiskey … Continue reading Autumn Fire

Shop of Dreams

He’s the shopkeeper of dreams trying to provide a leg up and a bit of courage to those afraid to do more than peer in the window Meeting her nervous smile with his own warm grin he invites her in Look around, he says, everything you need is here, the sky’s the limit She peruses the stacked shelves and gathers a boxes labeled Courage, Support, … Continue reading Shop of Dreams

Let It Burn

Sometimes I set my world on fire just to watch it burn The conflagration, that cleansing flame, reduces everything to ash until nothing is left except the spark that gave birth to the blaze Sometimes I destroy walls around my city just to watch them fall The rubble, that beautiful ruin, reduces everything to the sum of its pieces until nothing is left except the … Continue reading Let It Burn


I’ve spent too much time walking the floor in the middle of the night quietly carving a path to mark each heartache As the rest of the family sleeps, blissfully unaware of troubles that steal my chance for respite, I wear out oak planks with the weight of burdens at times too heavy to bear Such troubles are all too common as we, mothers and … Continue reading Insomnia

Life Invested

It whispers in the background Static, a constant companion Biding its time patiently waiting to strike And when the moment comes… When you draw your final breath alone in the middle of the night Will satisfaction be yours? Did you color outside the lines to create a masterpiece of your own design with all the broken pieces? Did you answer the call when beauty beckoned, … Continue reading Life Invested


The voice within demands to be heard Whispering insistent phrases Singing urgent songs Citing fragments of stories It’s a challenge I dare not ignore   Those times the muse is kind the whispering sweetens the day the song is sung in key the stories provide comfort It’s an assignment I eagerly accept   Those times the inspiration goes silent the whispering mocks the song sounds … Continue reading Writing