Both a blessing and a curse these lives we lead… knowing rules are not meant to be broken, only bent as unintended forces apply just enough heat to make them pliable   And as we journey across time and space and experiences, it becomes inevitable, this drive to pause and reflect, knowing the next rest stop may forever be out of reach   Such is … Continue reading Community


Inside my second destiny the world is touch and go blessed by creativity and cursed by the wear and tear of whys and wherefores navigating stepping stones between pretty pools and violent seas knowing I’m seconds away from drowning in dreams that are all at once innocent and maniacal taunting with signposts painted in invisible ink labelled This Way To Your Future photo: mine prompts: … Continue reading Inbetween

Last Embrace

I suppose we all take for granted that these days would last forever Did you come to say goodbye? I felt you move through me                                 I was there                                 Your quickening pulse                                 traced the last beats of my heart             … Continue reading Last Embrace


  Butterflies fly on currents the winds forgot released from cages by one who understood the hunger for freedom by one who felt the call of an open window by one who shuddered as every door slammed shut by one who grasps opportunity and lets it go     photo: Pixabay prompts: #becomingfragile, #WrittenRiver, MindlovesMisery’s Menagerie, WordPress Daily Post           Continue reading Empathy


Lost in this masquerade as snarling beasts howl at dawn Truth sings a sharp serenade   Small and scarred, I stand apart — afraid wishing I didn’t see what I saw as battle lines were drawn lost in this masquerade   Social graces serve to further this charade conventions dictated by a crooked echelon still, truth signs a sharp serenade   Humility fails those falsely … Continue reading Masquerade

Brilliant Light

No more living in shadow’s fury   Memory pulverized by delicate hands reaching to hold times gone by   Once brilliant blooms fade as satin rosehips crackle and burn over the sun’s relentless touch   No more justifying a masquerade   A fusillade launched by enemies feigning innocence fastens bloodlines to destiny gone wrong   With ice in her heart, she responds giddy in new … Continue reading Brilliant Light


A new year emerging, an illusion in wings beating softly a memory of loss engaged in deep conversation with memories of love this, an ordinary world, where tears of joy and sadness fall as one Differences find meaning in all that is somehow familiar   Days become weeks as months get caught in moments we collect Anticipation frames each adventure while time passes unnoticed this, … Continue reading Resolutions


Below the city’s cobblestones, it shifted, restless and hungry Its assault knew no bounds I never saw it coming Intent on satisfying a lust for chaos, it lingered in the night calling my name And I, already astray on tumultuous seas, sought refuge on its false oasis, believing its promise of safety Its lighthouse, sweeping lights spewing gentle rage, deceived this lonely sailor desperately grasping … Continue reading Betrayal


Fragile faith shattered as the sunrise bled through darkness a solitary candle offered a glimpse of light, flickering Regret, an option far wiser than despair, played in the shadows that single piece of mail shredded beneath a cold window Shameful as it might be, what was passed was decidedly in the past And so she welcomed the new day filling her space with hope photo: … Continue reading Decree

What If

What if those iron bars that surround you were nothing more than gossamer threads, shredded remnants of broken dreams still projecting the illusion of captivity What if… What if that touchstone you treasured for all those years, revered and held by insignificant power, now fell buried in the muck, dull and cracked What if… What if what was, isn’t What if what was, never was … Continue reading What If


Charged with an innate need to create beauty I gather scraps abandoned by foolish pride and assemble into something those willing to be charmed can see I cast a spell, my covenant of clarity I cast a spell, my promise of hope I draw my circle in the sand and invite you to step inside A desire to see order in chaos or artistry in … Continue reading Beauty


Delayed for far too long I yearn for your warmth Dreaming of long walks in forests as you awaken, erupting with life anew Rejoicing with visions of jumping in muddy puddles after your soft rains fall Joining the group by the pier, I will wait to watch you paint your scarlet sunsets The silence between us is over Enough time waiting, I celebrate your return … Continue reading Anticipation


It happens quietly under the broad moonlight that lights a forest kissed by freshly fallen snow The finger of each Higher Power gently guides and determines the energy needed to reach that dormant seed waiting beneath a carpet of decaying leaves With tender shoots hinting at a brave heart and strength belied by inconsequential size that seed accepts the blessing offering a fragile bloom in … Continue reading Bravery

Raging Rivers

Like cold air settling in, settling on, stealing away each remnant of summer’s warmth, realization of divergent paths awakened in waves faster than the swift water that tumbled over the stones we laid in the stream by our house Chilled as we were, we stacked each log on that fire, trying to stoke hidden embers buried in mountains of cooled ash Smoke signaled our demise, … Continue reading Raging Rivers


Carrying regret for promises broken and dreams delayed, I stumble, slipping further from the  next step With tender flesh, now torn and bloodied, it is an alternate route I seek Strangled by the weight of what might have been had the path been carved by one more passionately dedicated, I explore dark alleys and dead ends and shed tattered skin Discovering strength in the darkness … Continue reading Recalculating