Lost Keys

I walk the line between good and evil embracing this adrenaline high as I teeter between one side and then the other   The rush of air as I fall from heights borne on walls I’ve taken a lifetime to build set me free, set me free   Love never discovered wages war with love all-encompassing like a black moon rising above a cold sun … Continue reading Lost Keys


  With a penchant for following her heart, being driven mad by inconsistent expectations became familiar territory Choosing this path, choosing to follow a heart made vulnerable created the woman she’d hoped to become, one bolstered by conviction where despair held no claim Strength defines freedom blazing a trail through chaos to a place of peace photo: Bing Images prompts: MLMM Heeding Haiku, #BentHalos, #SableSwanV, … Continue reading Fearless

By Chance

Barraged by noise, the clanging and banging sounds of industry insidiously creeping into every corner, every moment, every thought I lost the ability to find silence and when faced with adversity, issues and challenges relentless in their pursuit of chaos, of turmoil, of white-hot anger, of well-planned revenge I lost perspective I met a woman once by chance as we shared the same road Content … Continue reading By Chance

Summer Memories

They used to take us to the beach on Sundays. My grandfather’s rust-colored Oldsmobile packed to overflowing, a cooler filled with cooked chicken, polpette, and roasted peppers in the trunk. Glass jars filled with water jostled next to mini-bottles of cola and brown paper sacks bursting with peaches, plums, and blood-red cherries. Beach chairs – the kind with woven plastic ribbons of aqua and white … Continue reading Summer Memories

Sweet Grace

  It was personal, that decision I made to honor the day my angel grew wings It was personal, your choice to throw shade Things you don’t know could be just about anything   What you see isn’t always what you get Easy to judge when a world is so small   A ray of hope, a light in my darkened room that tiny heartbeat … Continue reading Sweet Grace

Of Hope

  Lingering illusion just out of reach a flimsy attempt at salvation lingering just out of reach Shifting reality with this invocation Hope is not that which lies ahead that flimsy attempt at salvation the engine that drives us instead a belief that anything is possible Hope is not that which lies ahead the power of Yes is unstoppable when shaped by faith in what … Continue reading Of Hope

After All

Embracing an empty space, that small hollow between dreams and reality, the path to success shines and might not be so scary after all Because when silence fills that void and rushes in on angel wings, tender voices whisper simple answers — always there after all And when all the sharp edges the cage of hesitation built fall away slowly, steadily, new open spaces emerge … Continue reading After All

Poison Rain

Washed in the waters of discontent it’s easy to drown Stuck in waves of endless trials it’s easy to surrender… but I won’t Suffocating in tides of grief I claw my way to the surface and pause, floating for just a moment, I fill my lungs with the fresh air I was warned – a faithless heart can’t beat but my broken one can find … Continue reading Poison Rain

A Writer’s Journey

Slipping loose from the daily routine she embarked on a journey of reckless endangerment to empower the voices that lived in her head Stepping outside that comfort zone she banned kindness and embraced sins of the past if only to provide a fresh perspective Digging deep into the grimy landscapes of her subconscious she sought inspiration from ghosts that haunted her memories seeking a new … Continue reading A Writer’s Journey

The Artist

She lived on the edges, shadow dancing in negative spaces Although she was chary of trying anything unfamiliar her waldosia helped her find faith Sometimes, that smiling face in the crowd provided enough aether to alter perspectives She prowled in the dark exploring blindly, trusting intuition Although she’d grown accustomed to this solitary life her faith helped her find hope Sometimes, that hushed voice rising … Continue reading The Artist

Breaking Clocks

In a world devoid of color, she labored daily punching a time-clock that measured each moment in a monochrome slide, driving her further into the ground Burying aspiration, slaughtering ambition in the factory of broken dreams Like a makeshift reaper gathering a bouquet of dead blossoms, each shift mocked a life that could have been Her ashen skin too fragile from years spent within windowless … Continue reading Breaking Clocks