Blazing Fires

Traced the trail of fallen stars smoldering on the path of all the things I’ve left behind Felt that familiar tingle as those melancholy-hued flares cauterized my choices, incinerating regrets Oh, how those stars burn, burn, burn scorching the surface of wayward dreams solving solutions to riddles that never had answers Sometimes a spark is enough to seek a new constellation, one no longer obscured … Continue reading Blazing Fires

What If

What if those iron bars that surround you were nothing more than gossamer threads, shredded remnants of broken dreams still projecting the illusion of captivity What if… What if that touchstone you treasured for all those years, revered and held by insignificant power, now fell buried in the muck, dull and cracked What if… What if what was, isn’t What if what was, never was … Continue reading What If


Stuck in a perpetual dress rehearsal she dances until her feet bleed, examining missteps as she strives for perfection, a new test If she could rewrite history and choreograph a new routine, her recovery would reveal a grand curtain call as her spotlight fades into the sunset photo: Pixabay prompts: Verse Reversal, Drug Verse, Wylde Verse, Madverse Continue reading Spotlight

Last Chance

I faced my last chance out there balancing on the edge Wind whipping, biting at exposed flesh The storm was brewing I teetered, I swayed as this last chance uncovered fleeting moments of clarity A break in darkened skies Once vacant eyes sought this last chance that beckoned illuminated by white hot lightning that pierced the heavy air I embraced renewal designed by this last … Continue reading Last Chance


Charged with an innate need to create beauty I gather scraps abandoned by foolish pride and assemble into something those willing to be charmed can see I cast a spell, my covenant of clarity I cast a spell, my promise of hope I draw my circle in the sand and invite you to step inside A desire to see order in chaos or artistry in … Continue reading Beauty


It happens quietly under the broad moonlight that lights a forest kissed by freshly fallen snow The finger of each Higher Power gently guides and determines the energy needed to reach that dormant seed waiting beneath a carpet of decaying leaves With tender shoots hinting at a brave heart and strength belied by inconsequential size that seed accepts the blessing offering a fragile bloom in … Continue reading Bravery


Dance with abandon Sing until your heart is full I dare you Your life is waiting I dare you just dance Plans fall flat and your masterpiece begs for redesign Misspent youth and sweet red wine carved a path of broken lines Even your blank gaze reveals the scars of shattered dreams Toss it aside that doubt that you carry pinned like a shadow that … Continue reading Dance

Poison Rain

Washed in the waters of discontent it’s easy to drown Stuck in waves of endless trials it’s easy to surrender… but I won’t Suffocating in tides of grief I claw my way to the surface and pause, floating for just a moment, I fill my lungs with the fresh air I was warned – a faithless heart can’t beat but my broken one can find … Continue reading Poison Rain

Discarded Promises

Somehow derelict in promises to have and hold to love unconditionally their love became dusty on foundations of walls they built Deserted as the journey of broken endings unfolded love lived just this side of forever and crashed into that side of never, crashed into never Dilapidated dreams turned away from wisps of hope buried beneath accusation and apathy Even with a forced disguise what … Continue reading Discarded Promises

Twisted Roads

Blame it on fate this road I’m on is blackened with the dry petals of yesterday’s ashes days pass by with increasing speed and I’m left screaming don’t stop, don’t stop Must be fate this road I’m on brings me further away from demons of my own design Can’t stop, don’t stop the shadows slowly retreating held the power to leave me ruined to the … Continue reading Twisted Roads


We fight to live we fight to love we expect nothing as the first phase of the revolution grows Finding each other to join forces despite chaos swirling like storms that create thick smoke and broken mirrors the attraction between like minds can not be denied We fight to live hard we fight to love hard we expect nothing less as the feeding frenzy surrounding … Continue reading Revolution

Raging Rivers

Like cold air settling in, settling on, stealing away each remnant of summer’s warmth, realization of divergent paths awakened in waves faster than the swift water that tumbled over the stones we laid in the stream by our house Chilled as we were, we stacked each log on that fire, trying to stoke hidden embers buried in mountains of cooled ash Smoke signaled our demise, … Continue reading Raging Rivers


Carrying regret for promises broken and dreams delayed, I stumble, slipping further from the  next step With tender flesh, now torn and bloodied, it is an alternate route I seek Strangled by the weight of what might have been had the path been carved by one more passionately dedicated, I explore dark alleys and dead ends and shed tattered skin Discovering strength in the darkness … Continue reading Recalculating

Changing Notes

Slowly seduced as music fills the air The call to action beckons Chasing passion to find tomorrow’s promise Steady drumbeats awaken new desires Words and melodies intertwine Creating a playlist, creating a path No more stars under glass No more dreams on the shelf No longer afraid to explore what hurts the most Surreptitiously shedding bad notes New songs explode, illuminating the darkest night Channeling … Continue reading Changing Notes

A Writer’s Journey

Slipping loose from the daily routine she embarked on a journey of reckless endangerment to empower the voices that lived in her head Stepping outside that comfort zone she banned kindness and embraced sins of the past if only to provide a fresh perspective Digging deep into the grimy landscapes of her subconscious she sought inspiration from ghosts that haunted her memories seeking a new … Continue reading A Writer’s Journey


I hear your voice phantom whispering in the night holds the darkness, chases the light Keeps me locked in this prison of grief I track lonely hours weary minutes that are infinite scrapes my soul, steals relief Keeps me tangled in this web of misery I feel the emptiness powerful entity that supersedes life itself orchestrates leaden hands, directs empty intentions Keeps me submerged in this … Continue reading Beloved

Chasing Demons

Never satisfied with life lived in slow motion she downshifts and slams on the gas Waves of euphoria mirror blurred images as she leaves a trail of dust behind her An inherent need to outrun her past she’s a whirlwind flying across dead prairies capturing lost dreams and false promises Riding highs, dodging lows Reckless inclination fuels the chase Disappointment disintegrates stepping stones Too many … Continue reading Chasing Demons