Tales from Blarnach: The Chosen One


Thomas is devastated when his family is killed by Dram, leader of the Dark Side. Meeting two orphaned sisters is just the beginning of his quest to discover what it will take to become the true leader of Blarnach. Thomas learns the ways of magic and begins to navigate a world he never knew existed. Is he strong enough to survive the forces of evil?


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  1. […] Format: Kindle Edition A great read! Michele Vecchitto’s writing draws you into the world of Blarnach as you follow Thomas, Samara, and Remy ‘s journey together all the while keeping watch for Dram and his agents. Great dialogue and storytelling keeps you in suspense as the tale moves quickly to the last chapter. Can’t wait for Volume 2 to see what comes next for Thomas, Samara, and Remy!! TALES FROM BLARNACH available here […]


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