Dance with abandon

Sing until your heart is full

I dare you

Your life is waiting

I dare you

just dance

Plans fall flat and your masterpiece

begs for redesign

Misspent youth and sweet red wine

carved a path of broken lines

Even your blank gaze

reveals the scars of shattered dreams

Toss it aside

that doubt that you carry

pinned like a shadow

that never seeks the sun


just dance

Locked in perceptions

of a a world that can’t exist

your soundtrack crashes and jars

Your abandoned dance cries

for a rhythm it can follow


Quiet and patient

just under all that noise

your song is calling

A soft beat drumming, waiting

Your life is here


photo: pixabay/geralt

prompts: WyldeVerse 109, DrugVerse 10, VerseReversal 356, AsymLife 344-46

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