Shredded Stability


When the craving drives you mad and

aspirations fall like broken glass,

impaling dreams in exquisite symmetrical slivers

raining down in a storm that even now

does not usher in sunny days,

those picket fences look more like prison bars

When cries for help die in your throat,

strangled by jagged breath still desperate

to be heard in the chaos that reigns in

a world conquered by missed opportunity,

life after love after life after love again

still yearns for order

It’s the craving for stability in the midst of the unstable

that drives you forward, seizing dreams before they fall

forever in the unknown, before they are lost in the forever unknown,

and you with them, forever lost, that holds you on this side of sanity

The craving for something better, the threadbare belief that maybe

it is possible, becomes stronger than the acceptance of defeat

Photo: Pixabay

Prompts: Wednesday WD Poetry Prompt, WyldeVerse, JewelVerse


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