Chasing Darkness


Obsessed with breaking beautiful

I dive into crystal clear waters

Must break the surface as the sun

gets swallowed by the horizon

It is in this reckless hour, when darkness falls

and the ocean comes to life, predators

are on the prowl and I am most vulnerable

There is no room for mistake

Still I dive, seeking the soft sand

and treasures buried just beneath

Sometimes reward is not found

until you search beneath calm waters

The desperation to find serenity

hidden in a world of danger is

the spark and the madness that

brings courage to my wearied soul

Struggling to fill my lungs with

the sweetness of fresh air, I found my prize….

truth is not always beautiful but can

always be found if you dig deep enough

photo: Mark Vecchitto

prompts: The Poetry Chef, MadVerse, WyldeVerse, TastyPoem


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