Lost Keys


I walk the line between good and evil

embracing this adrenaline high as I teeter

between one side and then the other


The rush of air as I fall from heights

borne on walls I’ve taken a lifetime to build

set me free, set me free


Love never discovered wages war

with love all-encompassing like a black moon rising

above a cold sun plying the world with false warmth


Darkness and light meld until days become bathed

in a palette washed in shades of grey

Is my weakness a veiled attempt at being clever?


Set me free


Oh, I may be on the side of angels

but don’t think for one second

that I am one of them


The distinction between heaven and hell blurs

as I realize the staircase between the two

runs both ways, all at once structured and fluid


And so I’ll continue this high wire escapade as

I borrow from the good to balance the bad

knowing I am the one holding the key


photo: Pixabay

prompts: #WyldeVerse, #becomingfragile, #SeptemberFalls, Sunday Writing Prompt 220

Note: The Sunday Writing Prompt asks the writer to consider any distinctions between good and evil and requires the use of the quote (in italics above).


  1. thank you for playing the Sunday Writing Prompt 🙂

    You’ve explored the topic in a very creative and interesting fashion, introspective without being so intimate as to be exclusionary, which means this has a lovely contemplative feeling. There are some very bold ideas here – love undiscovered wages wars – and love all encompassing like a black moon rising – very charged ideas – but ultimately, well carried and worthy of some time to just sit with these ideas – rich and full.

    Great job 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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