Fear As Enemy

Fear As Enemy.jpg

How did I get here?


My heartbeat keeps pace with the sound

of my shoes slapping across a dusty road

as I try to silence this quiet sense of dread

Something’s not right

Something’s coming


I run


Immersed in moonlit madness

your voice rings petulant in my ears

With disgust, I recall what we discussed

Something’s not right

Something’s coming


Run, run


Roots and branches intertwine

a heritage of regret to tear at my skin

I’m lost in cotton candy nightmares

Can’t keep straight passageways

through straits that connect

yesterday to this day


Something’s not right




And when I stumble, as I knew I would

and my lungs burn with the breath I abused

I stop


Waves of fear dissipate as I accept

this that is coming

this that I created

this that I am empowered

to make right


My voice rising, now loud and clear

I atone for my misgivings while

finding the way to disregard yours


Cotton candy nightmares

sustenance for absolution

Bitterness overcomes the sticky sweet

in this carnival of dreams


photo: Pixabay


prompts: OctPoWriMo 2017, #MadCarnival, MLMM Saturday Mix – Double Take







  1. Oh those nightmares….When you become lucid enough to know they are dreams and try and change the outcome. Though there have been too many times one thinks they have awakened when they have not….

    Thanks for stopping by ~Jules

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