Sunday Dreaming


Monday is the Taskmaster

        dictating a schedule meant to be followed



Tuesday is the Working Mother

        rushing to meet deadlines while feeding hungry children



Wednesday is the Dancer

        grooving to the sound of her own music and inventing new steps



Thursday is the Flirt

        winking while making grandiose promises that will never quite be met



Friday is the Exhausted Worker

        stopping to slip into well-worn slippers as he sits by a fire   



Saturday is the Free Spirit

        releasing the week’s work in celebration and predicting the next   


Sunday, sweet Sunday, is the Poet Dreaming


    creating worlds in which to wander


with words meant to be savored






in open hearts


and auspicious minds


photo prompt: Suzanne Olivante/Pixabay

prompts: Writers Write/Pinterest


  1. Excellent piece. i like the structure,pacing, and days of the week thoughts.

    if only Thursdays and Saturdays existed….maybe the end of Fridays but i’d feel the need to buy one of those Geography globes that turn into a mini liquor bar.

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