Arcs of lightning slash the night sky
bright flashes bring the storm into view
cascading rains wash the air
delicately caressing spirits of renewal in
even those stubbornly clinging to trauma
forged in enmity and loss
gorged on the energy that created this tempest
harnessing that power until
it all breaks free, breaks free
just as the mournful began to lose hope
knighted and anointed as eternally
Maybe this was no mistake
no, maybe this was the right time
perhaps this was the meant journey, the
quest for acceptance finally completed or
rather earned by the long-suffering
Signaled by that black sparrow slipping away with wings
tinged by the simmer of summer’s sufferings
Undressed by a late August storm
vying for the cool breezes of September
wonder is it – this harnessing of awesome connection between
xiphoidian lightning and letting go
Yes, letting go as
zephyrs usher in blue skies


photo: Pixabay
prompts: Go Dog Go Cafe Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge, #AugustFalls18


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