someone I used to know

Time after time
after time again
I’ve thought of you
thought of moments
we shared
thought of moments
we’ve lost

I’ve written
a thousand letters
I’ve composed
a million notes
I’ve had endless
in my head

In some, I rant
my accusations pointed
In some, I bargain
to lessen this distance between us
In some, I weep —
the loss of you
too great to bear

And even when I saw you
across the way
between the aisles
beneath the surface
I remained silent
Some words are
best left unspoken

Just know
despite the separate spaces
we now occupy
our lives are
forever intertwined
our histories are one
Some links cannot be unbroken

I wish you well
I wish you peace
I wish you happiness
I wish you health
I wish, I wish
I wish you could read this
I miss you

photo: Pxhere
prompt: #OctPoWriMo2018 – Day 7


  1. Oh man… it turns out, I just wasn’t quite ready to be emotionally devastated today. Well, since it happened, I’ll roll with it.
    This is so true, in fact, it exemplifies the final interim between the final steps of dealing with loss. While it seems to end on a bittersweet note, I don’t take it that way. I think the final confirmation that this is how it is now (everything has changed) lends itself to a feeling of ease, of peace. Bitter, yes, but peaceful.
    Also, the gut punch that is the two final lines… hats off. I love that kind of twist.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This is beautiful.

    The last phrase is hard to read.

    I also love the photo. Good choice to go with your poem.

    Yes, no matter the distance, no matter the loss, some people will always be important in our lives, whether for good reasons or not quite so good… their presence and their role in our past has forever changed us.

    Liked by 1 person

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