What is Love?

what is love

the flutter of butterflies
that explode from your chest
when you catch a shy smile of the child
finally willing to share a proud moment

the rush of sunshine
flooding every fiber of your being
when you hold the blanket Grandma made
just for you, even now that’s she’s gone

the installation of absolute peace
caressing your soul with the breath of angels
when you stare in your beloved’s eyes
and exchange vows

the comfort like a cup of hot chocolate
that chases away any chill
when you call your oldest friend
and she answers on the first ring

the devotion built of a lifetime
spent together, growing as one
when you bear witness to the endless connection
of your aging parents

the delight like opening a carefully wrapped gift
that fills you with wonder and awe
when you hold your newborn grandbaby
in your arms

the security of a thousand armies
that protect you with complete ferocity
when siblings challenge even your most intimidating foes
without pause or fear

it’s the moments, big and small
it’s the meaning that solves any riddle
it’s the connection that holds us in common
it’s the gentle arms of humanity

photo: Pixabay
prompt: #OctPoWriMo2018 – Day 9


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