Letters from Home

letters from home

As young boys, they left home
bound for adventure, bound for war
Courage still an illusion unknown
Death, a distant enemy
even as mothers dried tears and prayed
that freedom was worth the cost

Striving to be the best no matter the cost
each would combat loneliness with letters from home
Some read again and again while they prayed
Restless as the rain, they fought this war
and celebrated each victory of light, each defeated enemy
Bravery, a word no longer unknown

What was so simple slipped into the complicated unknown
as these boys became men who counted the cost
Side by side they fought the enemy
knowing some would never again see home
Accepting this was war,
they bowed their heads and prayed

And how those families prayed
to protect their boys from horrors unknown
to protect them in times of war
Bring them back, no matter the cost
Bring them home, bring them home
These endless days, a new enemy

Snippets of news describing the enemy
caused mothers and fathers to worry as they prayed
Bring our boys home
from these lands so far away and unknown
This is the cost
This thing called war

soldiers fight the enemy
families count the cost
How they prayed
as fates were left unknown
for boys a long way from home

And in times of war, how they prayed
to escape the enemy, to escape the unknown
No matter the cost, please let them come home

photo: Flickr
prompt: #godoggocafe – Writing Prompt Tuesday, MLMM – Saturday Mix, Veteran’s Day, #NovemberFalls18


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