Music Challenge #42: “Leave A Light On” by Tom Walker #musicchallenge #MLMM #amwriting

What a song! Working on this prompt now.

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Yes, it’s me again. Enough music prompts right? But, back some months ago, there was one other Music Prompt I missed and was not able to finish. So, I will leave you, and lead you into the new year, with not only hope, but remembrance for those who feel lonely and lost when many of us feel close to our family’s and friends.

Don’t be afraid to reach out, sometimes others only need an invitation to be and feel included. Also, be aware that sometimes people can feel the most lonely in a crowd. When I listen to Tom Walker’s “Leave A Light On” that’s what I think of — remember to leave the light on for those in your life who need help, but can’t always say why or speak. Read a recent interview of Tom Walker HERE.

Credit: Google— Tom Walker Acoustic “Leave A Light On”


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